1980&s ray ban sunglasses l1 kart sunglasses ray ban html buy ray ban sunglasses for cheap excellent care. He talked about Marty and Joe spent in the company of the first years of life, about how they are pivotal in the company and their dead to bring immeasurable loss, talked about their wife children love, undying loyalty to the family. He is forever talking, without consideration, if the next one is already in the mouth and so on. Two deceased wife while softly sobbing, while wiping his eyes, then, a few close friends to take away some of the nose. Mr. Lambert almost right when thrown off a hand on crape Kozinski portrait. It was an emotional moment spewing, sometimes crying loudly. The company will be set up in his name a scholarship of Chicago Law School, will allocate special funds, responsible for his children's education, the whole family will be taken care of by the company. Beth clenched lips, but still could not help but weep uncontrollably up. Bendini firm gang turbulent past, the heart hard like iron, ruthless players who choked negotiations. Only Nathan Locke indifferent. People can see through the soul of his pair of laser eye staring walls. The next image is a black veil lifted on Hodge. Mr. Lambert repeated a similar resume, like scholarships, similar to the special funds. Mitch heard someone whisper say Hodge died four months to buy a $ 2 million life insurance. Eulogy caused over, Jonathan Locke out of the house. Lawyers around the two wives, or hug, or say words of comfort. Mickey no contact with them, so to say. He Duodao positive wall before, looked at the photo above. Kozinski and Hodge at the edge of the portrait, hanging three little dots, but promised the same awe-inspiring majesty of the portrait. Which photograph photograph of a woman caught his attention. Copper below the monument reads´╗┐: Alice Knauss, 1948--1977. 'Hire her, but really a wrong way.' Avery came up and whispered. 'How to say these words?' Mitch asked. 'She is a rare female lawyer, Harvard graduate, class of aces. She thinks all men are alive is good discrimination against women, and her life's vocation is ray ban prescription sunglasses clubmaster ball game, someone waiting for him with a pistol against his forehead, then what happens? Mark will not get his name, but he still inevitably die. When she was determined to deny the witness protection program, Mark from prison came to call her. He said he had just finished a big pie, I feel very good, a nice place to live, all right, than happy in the hospital, the food is much better. So impatient to see him say a long list, Diane knew he was lying. He said he had planned the escape plan, soon escaped. They talked about Ricky, mobile homes, today's hearing and the hearing tomorrow. He said he believed Reggie persuasion, Diane agrees say this better and better. He was not there to help Ricky apologize. When he tried to get people sound so sensible, she choked back tears. He once again stir up these troubles thing apology. Mother and son in their very brief conversation, she found it difficult to talk to him. She could not give him motherly advice, I thought I was a useless person, because she was eleven years old son in jail, while they unable to save him from prison. She can not go to visit him. She can not go and talk to the judge. She could not tell him to confess or remain silent, because she was afraid. She can not do anything, can only stay here this narrow little bed, staring at the wall, praying mind, wake up, the nightmare is over. Six pm, and is broadcast on local news time. She looked at the news announcer silent faces, hoping not to appear that the message, but the moment she hopes dashed. After a carried away from a waste pit two corpses message one mark and this morning she had slapped the face of black and white photographs that police suddenly appeared on the screen. She turned the volume up. Diane began to stomach pain, she press the power switch, the ward is more dark. She has ten hours without eating. Ricky twitching, moaning, so she bursts distressed. She gingerly got out of bed, feeling helpless against Ricky, for that very slow Weida Fu Green efficacy some frustrated. She hated the hospital discount ray ban sunglasses india was mistaken for a thief, responsible for the investigation of Interpol completely treat him as a criminal, and even scolded band playing. Although the final has been clarified, but he suffered the humiliation made him unforgettable. He vowed in his heart, sooner or later´╗┐There is a big force since he was appointed Metropolitan Police patrol assigned to duty at the police station after his high work ethic really marvel. The track he found a little bit suspicious of people, it will immediately conduct their interrogations, searches, found carrying knives, knife or violent tendencies books. Will be arrested on the spot.Matsuno things crisp. So, those who are dismal called him 'ghost song,' one-third of his fear.Patrol usually based on the actual results achieved in its field, and then through a year in which the guard eight weeks of job training and search and selection, with individual strengths and capabilities, the Police Department or the police headquarters to become political (public security), search transportation and other aspects of Interpol or back office, officer on duty can be a casual.Can a plainclothes policeman on duty is the new target. Although this is not a promotion, but the content and form of duty vary. To want to be on the Interpol. Field average dry for four years, but to do the headquarters of Interpol, shall be on three years.Maintenance of the social system actually hate wearing police uniforms, this thing is amazing. From among the selection of uniformed police and plainclothes basis of merit ability, it would be more ironic. Anyway, Matsuno with his full vigor, a year after the allocation of a record of outstanding arrest records.However, his aloof personality solitary doing so he has always been removed in the area police station Interpol room, but did not work on the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department transferred. Later, detection methods have changed in the past by detectives searched alone were organized into a search now to the ad hoc group for this Center. But