ray ban sunglasses fit guide instrument, the looks, but is the root of the ordinary rope. That instrument like a black rubber cup, slightly larger than the coffee cup, extremely tough, at the edge of the tire has a similar bite lines.'Ha!' Said Dr. Phil, 'Look at this we say -.'Hadley nodded: 'I have heard of this stuff, but had never seen it, I do not even believe it really exists Look here it is a vacuum cup Perhaps you have seen such a thing in a child's toy inside.!. The kind of toy pistol: towards a smooth shooting card equipped with soft rubber ends do vacuum cups miniature wooden bullets hit the card, so that the air can be squeezed out of rubber cup bullet wood nailed on top. ''You mean,' Blue Poe said, 'thieves can put something hitting the wall, and its pressure is sufficient to support him along the rope climb?'Hadley hesitated: 'In theory I heard this, of course, I did not -.''He loosened how this thing I mean:?? Let rope continues to hang in there after he left.''Of course, he needs to have a partner. As long as you push this thing bottom edge, the air will go in, loosen the wall. Even so, I still do not see this ghost´╗┐What role can play in this case where - 'O'Rourke has been impatiently watching the rope, when he cleared his throat, put his pipe out of his mouth, cleared his throat again to draw everyone's attention.'Look here, gentlemen.' He had his own unique husky, mystery voice said, 'I do not want trouble, but I do think that this is nothing.'Hadley turned, 'how? What do you know?''I can make a bet with you.' O'Rourke nodded, with a stem waving in the air to emphasize the focus, 'This thing is Frey. Give me a glance I can determine. Listen, I do not swear that this is definitely something that the knot of his little weird, but -. 'He took that rope along the rope with your fingers carefully stroked until near the midpoint. Then he winked his eye and nodded with satisfaction, spin fingers, suddenly like magic in general hands apart. Rope divided into two sections.O'Rourke again step back, give yourself a place to make buy ray ban sunglasses online malaysia rely on the red sofa, can be less conspicuous if peach silk touch to the hand, the other hand holding a drink. Tobacco, alcohol and favorite girl, he thought to myself, life is required are now ready.Police Commissioner horse eye like eyes narrowed. Read aloud: Lin Tun residents how to call when the great story of Homer's Troy, or the midnight sun in the kingdom -?No matter why he spared to slow it down, put a few lines of text to read again and whispered aside, then angry and said:? '! Look really silly thing doggerel''Ah!' Said Dr. Phil. Tone like tasting a rare aroma´╗┐Kind.'It's just a bunch of crazy poetry thing.''Can not be called poetry, can only be regarded verse.' Dr. Phil corrected, he said.'Oh, whatever it is, it is certainly not what signal you read it?''No, but I'm sure is wrong signal.'Chief of police, he threw the paper manuscript: 'Well, you tell us the meaning of it 'forest village residents how to call when the great Homeric Troy story?' Is really nonsense ...... hey, wait a minute.!' Sir Benjamin, rubbing his cheeks, muttering, 'I've seen this kind of charade in a magazine, I remember those stories - you get every word, every word, or pick out of view, and so on - right? ''That is useless,' blue slope Samsam said, 'I put the first word of each line, the second word, the first three words are singled out tried. I also use it as a clutch poem to dismantle the whole capital trial over it again. Take the first letter of each word, get a grotesque word 'Hgowatiwiowetgff', take each word suffix get 'Nynyfrdrefstenen' meaningless, sounds like just what the Middle Assyrian Empire Empress first name. ''Oh.' Dr. Phil nodded forward.'Those magazines -' Sir Benjamin began published.'This is not really justified, right?' Asked Sir Benjamin cheerfully.'But you look at this damn thing!' Said Sir Benjamin broke out. Since the fireplace where he picked up the blue slope that a transcript, unthinking impact paper said, 'You see the last paragraph, is simply unreasonable thing. 'Corsican people in this depressed, ray ban aviator sunglasses luxottica