cheap ray bans wayfarer sunglasses cheap ray ban sunglasses the telephone line as in, the sound becomes increasingly small.They have successfully come to have two canoes waiting for their Oute Lei. They are pleased with the equipment to the river. Walt's first notebook has all the full record. Sylvester in his first camera flash, theBritain had already been fascinated by the beauty. In Capel, he could not wait to call Lavinia, telling her that she was right, there really is 'magic', Britain unique.'It sounds like they are very happy.' Lavinia in hang time in a dubious tone said. She wanted to see them, but before they go say good: they must pretend to a strange land of the streetWho traveled down the river Vereshaka town, as if they've never been.'You destroyed my imagination, if you want to go into the manor Cui Ning words.' Walt once said, 'I have never been to me in a mood to look over here, this place, this piece of Rural King I mean that in a totally strange and fresh eyes. 'So Cui Ning manor in every evening waiting for their phone through the messenger; it is also gentle to please a quiet bay, this place is pretending.Then in the evening on Wednesday, which is the departure of the fifth day, they went into the Swan Bar, cheering crowd surrounded them, calling them heroes Luo Xu Mill. Bar entertain them free drink. They say Peite Ha DistrictWhen travel is hindered, where to sleep for a while; but they still could not help but want to walk across the field to Vereshaka town. Luo Xu Mill River because the river bend, take the water from the area to Vereshaka Peite Ha town takes about two miles, butFamiliar swan bar. Then everyone in the bar, as usual, talk to them, ask everyone around them is how to finish the tripInto. Walt Naqijiubei went to his usual seat in the corner, then, Sears has come up with. Then at the barThere, the bar, surrounded by other guests have come again, surrounded by a circle around them, going to talk to them.But every conversation was interrupted by a strange atmosphere are between the two. They did not fight, but there is a very secretive fake ray bans 4u ray ban sunglasses blue lenses and the tension between them, put them in isolation outside the bar owner, which is almost unconscious, and no one noticed.Then, Walt suddenly got up and left.He said nothing, did not even say goodbye and left. He left only the sound of the door to remind everyone thisThing. It was very moving, violent and pull off a sound mind, a deep meaning of the end of the leave.Everyone will look bewildered eyes turned from the door yet Walt table drinking a cup of beer and leaning against the wall of his smiling face freely sitting there. Bill Ma Duosi order to break the air condenses mysterious atmosphere,Like a cloud drifting from the corner like Sylvester seat. They used a glass of beerRoom, chatted for a while outboard motors, discussed the topic at a small sailboat. When he got up to go to the bar to add the wine, he glanced at Walt leftSaid to the beer mug, 'Mr. Whitmore way to help me re-pour a glass of beer, he put the cup too long.''But now ......' Ma Duosi just say a few words soon found that he seems to be shut up.'Yes, I know. But he felt more comfortable this way.''He was not feeling well or how?''No, but if he continues to stay, he may be grabbed my neck.' Sylvester said affectionately'You mess with Mr. Whitmore angry yet?' Bill asked, he thinks he and the young American ratio and Walter also cooked. 'Very serious,' Sylvester said dismissively, and Bill laugh.Ma Duosi spit tongue, and then went to the bar to pour beer. After that, the store has returned to a warm weekdayFinally, he walked the streets of the village along with everyone. When a group of them to move towards pastoral narrow road, when theyAlso joked that no a comfortable bed waiting for him when really poor, when he said their beds were old and ventilationWhere less than when the old or, he suddenly left.'Good night!' His voice came from the other side of the road.This is the last person to see Leslie Vereshaka town Sylvester.Forty-eight hours later, Aaron Grant Manor Cui Ning arrived and began to investigate. Heart still stuck in that