ray ban prescription sunglasses discount ruins Dynasty temple Linde seventeen years (643) April 7, driving too clan Edward door, the king issued an edict Li Li Zhi for the Prince.Facts have proved that, by virtue of this decision Taizong Li Zhi's 'Rensiao' and made Sun loudly and so the court has been endorsed and supported by trusted minister. Li Li Zhi after the election, Taizong ordered their fall in the month of DongLai Weiwang Tai Dukes, later changed reduced Shun Yang Wang, exile all states Yun Heung (now Hubei both North County), Zhenguan twenty-one years, Jin Feng Pu king.(649) May 26th Dynasty twenty-three years52-year-old generation British Lord eternal rest in Zhongnanshan Cuiwei Palace. June 1, 22-year-old Prince Li Zhi ascended the throne, is the Tang Emperor, that amnesty.Fate seemed destined to test the 'Rensiao' the new king. Emperor ascended the throne in August of that year, just as he was buried in the Mausoleum of Emperor Taizong Yeonghwiwon built in four years (653) of Nanchang Poetic (early Republic)When a strong earthquake east region, Jinju particularly serious, houses collapsed, 5,000 people who died first. This year, the world states, floods, droughts have, off the auxiliary of the land, and had met with the plague of locusts, and, Jinju earthquake actually lasted more than two years. It does give the new king came to the throne of Emperor Li Zhi a big problem, not to mention Li Zhi was once promoted to the king's crown prince derived knighted world. Based on the prevailing values ​​and political philosophy, which naturally give just when the country's Emperor tremendous pressure. In addition to his 'imperial emissary kept asking to multiplexing two years, thanks to the pressure of the deceased silk three horses,' beyond the proper placement of the aftermath, the second year (650) in May, he publicly on the matter in the court and the ministers exchange, and said he should bear responsibility:. 'I bit the big debut, due to political and religious unknown tension, Jinju place repeatedly earthquake which is caused by the ray ban sunglasses for men 2014 ray ban aviator sunglasses online shopping