ray ban frames outlet tour of the computer room. Dozen terminals out there, ready to help find the latest research data He offered to show them a bit, Lamar said at a later point of view too late. 'He was a very good man. 'When the library Lamar said,' Every year we pay him 40,000 salary, just tell him to look at the management of these books. This is a surprisingly high number of true ah. 'Really is alarmingly high, Mitch thought to myself. In fact, on the second floor and the first floor, third floor, fourth floor without the slightest difference. Each floor of the center who is the secretary of the world, where the Secretary of filled tables, file cabinets, copiers and other essential equipment. In the library floor side, the other side is a small meeting rooms and offices. 'Here, you faceless a pretty secretary. 'They looked at the work of secretaries moment, Lamar said,' It's like an unwritten rule company. Oliver Lambert trying to hire some older, and people who do not have pretty secretary. Of course, some secretary worked here for 20 years, they forgetIn mind is to myself:! 'This chancellor 0 Compass university must be a big metamorphosis, have the opportunity to meet another day to get hold of a dead pig when the teacher did not say all the beautiful women, also happens to arrange such a coquettish beauty when all the boys a teacher, I will fear the introduction of crime! 'Survive in the wild was a captain named Gao Lei Compass University junior, looks very handsome, conversation also elegance, but also the student council president at the University of the Big Dipper, I believe that is a lot of girls dream lover. But such people in Kusanagi's eyes can only come to a review, it is this:! 'Bitch' and of Kusanagi commented understanding is: 'This guy can not see other people than myself handsome, I remember when he is called I 'bitch' 'and Kusanagi counterattack is:'!!! ...... I Peipei Pei Pooh even the blind can see that I am better than you are handsome. 'The other players named Zhang Kang, is simply the man version of ray ban sunglass online purchase through the rip, showing a short ceremony on the balcony wall. WallHollow, made of a row of small pillar-shaped railing, the introduction of speculation. The room itself feels more and more dark, evil has become increasingly important.'I know,' he nodded, 'It's like the legend that. I remember as a child reading a story, a good deep impression. old house is about a chair, on the floor with screws. On the ceiling is hanging out a hammer, the hammer will be any who sat down to die. But you listen to Oh! that does not happen in real life things. Moreover, it was designed to have that kind of authority for the job ...... ''But not necessarily. Maybe there really a murderer, but this' murderer 'is dead for two hundred years.' Sir Benjamin boss eyes open, Xuanyou narrowed, 'Really! I'm really in this regard increasingly supernatural The more the line - I just think: if this little Martin opened the safe and found a box inside there are instructions to the balcony to teach him to perform a step it is a pity things changed, flew from his hand out of the box, all the way out? water wells - and toward the other side of the lamp, fell down, that you later found out the location of the lamp? - ah 'As long as any theory is a little convincing, blue slope usually immediately followed up. He thought Anthony manuscript sentence: 'I have a way to outright revulsion and I curse my misfortune to be recognized as relatives of those who thought ...... think of relatives, the group of mice multiply many recently..'But - is wrong. Even in a hot situation, this seamless inference is some doubt.'But Sir, you listen,' he protested, 'You're not serious, right? Is Anthony wanted to design a death trap to harm his descendants all heirs it? Even if he had, it is impractical. His authority can only arrest to a person. victim removed the box, read what that document, pushed down the balcony. nice, but the next day the secret will be exposed, is not it? ''So for those who are not so settled Shitabosi, but also how to explain it? From the old cheap ray ban sunglasses how to know fake ray ban sunglasses going to guide them to find partners who happen to me things.''I still think they will not be interested in.''They are interested in the best!''But you have no way to prove that Bill Kenrick not own hide; there is no way to prove that he is now'But he was found dead in a sleeper train in the ah!' Karen spoke almost like roar.'Oh, no, that's Charles Martin. About Charles Martin this case there is no trace of doubt.''But you identify that Martin is Kenrick ah!''Of course I can say that, in my point of view, the pictures I've seen that face is the face on March 4 in the morning in the seven B sleeper. Scotland Yard people will say I haveRight to remain their own opinions, but apparently I was misled by some similarities, because the seven B sleeper this person is a man named Charles. Martin's mechanic, he is Masai, parents live in the suburbs. ''You seem very familiar with what Scotland Yard?''Oh, I should be very familiar with. I worked there for a lot longer, I could not remember. Next week'Are you saying you are Scotland Yard police?''Just a small role. I did not put the card in fishing clothes, but if you go with me to receive meThat the family where they can testify for my true identity. ''Oh! No, no, of course I believe you sir - ah -''Detective. But still called 'sir', because I'm not on duty.''If I looked very jerky, please forgive me, because such a thing had never happened to me before, you knowYou never expect to encounter Scotland Yard police in real life, it will only appear in the book. You did not think they would - ''Go fishing?''Ah, I guess you do not think that only in books only.''Well, now that you have accepted my true identity, and you also know that I am talking about Scotland Yard onThis thing's response is correct, but again firsthand. So now how should we do next? ' Laura Grant, the next day going to know the history of Dagon, and not go to the river for fishing, I felt very upset.She said: '! But I did give you with Zoe did a fantastic lunch ah' Laura Grant felt disappointed