cheap ray bans real Jingzong, Zong, etc. are killed eunuch's hands. Historians tend to eunuch as one manifestation of political corruption and darkness late Tang, the final formation of this situation, there is a direct relationship with the Corrections eunuch change attitudes.Four contradictions: from the early reign of thrift and prohibit converted into the offer around like property and amass.Corrections ascended the throne at the beginning, just two days after the appointment of Cui Youfu phase Zhaogao stop all state capital, Silla, Bohai tribute harrier hawk. But every other day, but Chao Shannan Corrections loquat, southern citrus tribute only allowed once a year for enjoy family, and the rest of the tribute will be stopped. A few days later, he was in a row edict promulgated, denounced some places south annual tribute to the palace servants and liquor, bronze mirrors, musk; the world is not a tribute to ban exotic animals, and even that may not add gold silverware. To show their determination, he also ordered the paper single country (now Laos) by offering 32 dancing elephant, stocking to Yang Jingshan; emperor who specializes in hunting five lackey Square is a place all over. Also abolished the pear and the actors make the eater 300 people redundant, the need to retain caught attributable to Chang Temple. To show gracious, he released Dahir ladies hundred people. Corrections are converted, the new king did show great treasure after boarding a new atmosphere.However, since fled because Zhu Ci Mukden Incident, he seemed to realize the importance of money, but also began to change his attitude. From then on, he began to enjoy not only money, but also take the initiative to ask a tribute to him. In addition, the Corrections also often sent direct manipulation eunuch publicly available to government and local government offices, called 'Vision cable.' Zhenyuan years as prime minister of Lu Zhi, refusing all gifts to the capital work of officials, Corrections also sent to enlighten him, not too clean, a gift to the people of cheap ray ban outlet snubbed when most unfortunate: the untimely death of the most distressing: children died youngMost adept: political revengeZhao Ji Huizong Jianzhong Yasukuni first year - Vision and seven Ancestor Huizong Zhao Ji is the eleventh child, the eighth emperor Song, Yuan Fu for three years (1100) the throne, 54-year-old's death, reigned for 26 years, has always been regarded as dissolute typical decadent emperor.Huizong era, the Northern Song Dynasty has gone through its brilliant history, in the party struggles fiercely grim period, national power twilight. Huizong lucky to get the throne after drastic reorganization Asatsuna, the desire to reconcile political reform and anti-reform faction faction betweenSubsequently, in order to inherit his father's policy grounds Ancestor, reused to six thieves, led by Cai Jing, Daxing 'party prison,' turmoil testimonies. His extravagant, wantonly plundered Jiangnan Qi took different stone, shipped to the capital of Kaifeng, known as 'Stone Flower Gang.' Huizong grandiose, sent about Kim Liao attack to take Yanjing, causing internal and external problems ensued. In difficult Jingkang captive for Jin to the north, instant prisoner by the emperor. Brothel emperor: Merry King dandy lifeYuan Fu for three years the first month, only 25 years old Zhe died, leaving no heirs. Obviously, the emperor's only choose from Tetsune brothers. There are 14 sub-Ancestor was living with five people, including Duan Zhao Ji, including. Zhao Ji Although the Ancestor's son, they are not illegitimate, according to the patriarchal system, he would not be eligible to inherit the throne.Yuan Feng Zhao Ji was born five years (1082) October 10, pampered childhood, and gradually develop a frivolous dissolute character. It is said that before he was born, his father went to the Secretary of the province Ancestor watch collections Southern Tang emperor Li Yu's portrait, 'Yan Ya figure reflected repeatedly surprised sigh,' and then gave birth to Huizong, 'Lord when dreams Lee Ye, so romantic literary talent, ray ban online turkiye jewelry store jewelry white wrapping paper bagUp. Ramon also get a point. But if Sorrell preparation and Margaret Luoke Lai accompanying abroad, why put all the money to Ramon? Margaret Luoke Lai has her own money, Simpson reportSo to speak, but no man would be willing to rely on to elope with him the other half live, let alone that he started thinking about leaving Shihai head strapped friends.Meise Si. Galileo cum Sting jewelry store is the old Bond Street store in a dark, Grant foundThere is only one clerk. Grant opened as soon as the blue box, the clerk recognized the brooch. He handled the ornamentsNeedle sell a customer. No, they are now unavailable. Mr. Sorrell was booked, he isA blond young man. Pins value forty-five pounds, paid in full - he SEE transaction number --6 Tuesday.That call Sorrell said to come and collect the money to pay, directly away brooch. No, the clerk agoTo have not seen him. He only describe what he wants clerk style, for the price of no objection.Grant when leave in contemplation, but no further answer. Sorrell to want to stand, he wouldItalian jewelry for little pay forty-five pounds to express their deepest love. Yet when he will have to leave this gift on behalf of his passion sent, meant to wait before he left England out. It was hidden in the bottom of his suitcase. As we all know, he has no friends in the United States. However - Margaret Luoke Lai soon take the same boat with himTu. In a disordered medium, Grant now believe true.Wednesday) morning sent a letter to Albert Sorrell sailing in the Arabian queen number on the telegram from Blessington post office that says 'I'm sorry - Joe' telegram should have been mailed, and Ramon said that the word is not false, butIt may not, telegraph might still waiting to send out the bag of marijuana, if not specifically stated, it can also beCan be sent to the wrong place.'Do not say it!' Grant yelled. Williams' presence should be and only, 'Yes, sir.'Rang to ask, he told her she would have noticed other intentions. Or send another ray ban sunglass frames rb 3246 006