ray ban aviator sunglasses case little embarrassed to see him. Shimoda no one can care too much. In the Metropolitan Police, the pretentious lot Interpol can Shimoda but showing age is not commensurate with his generosity.'Ah, under Tian, ​​without action this time I really am sorry.Kasaoka frankly apologized.'It's okay. You ignore their body, on Sunday also enthusiastically obligation to solve the case, so I was touched, I was going to learn from you.Shimoda issued a sigh from the heart, there is no meaning taunt.'Do notNo, to learn from me in trouble, do not make fun of my old man.'How to search progress?'Shimoda brief him about the identity of the victims have been identified and found his wife on the island hi Fumiko thing.'So, recently Kuriyama link between weight and treatment Yoshiko Tajima hi it?''It is said, the last five or six years ago. Kuriyama to want any money.'She never spoke with Kuriyama particularly close or who hold a grudge?' The no. Finally found the victim's identity, they can trail off.Kasaoka mad discovered an important clue, without much progress. Shimoda feel discredited to right.'Kuriyama's ex-wife have anything suspicious, please?'If the former couple still entangled, she is concerned, can only be a pest. If she is now, there has been another man, but also with her ex-husband did not want people to know there is between the words, and there could have a motive to kill.'This is something we have done a serious investigation, that Tajima hi Fumiko can be trusted. She is currently in Iraq, southeast runs a small restaurant, thorough and Kuriyama severed ties. Asked people around, and say not seen Kuriyama this person.'She opened a small restaurant run anything?'Kasaoka Wu to think of the small restaurant snail. Seems to guess the next day thinking about Kasaoka. 'There is no escargot and delicacies in Ito main business sashimi.''Hi Fumiko Tajima no new husband?'There is a petit Ostersund City Councilman Saburo often take care of her. This man used to be a fishing master, now runs a hotel. It is said that small ray ban aviators karachi ray ban sunglass shop in kolkata except wait for other things to do outside, he and George Ord eat a few cold sandwiches, drank coffee as lunch. The phone rang again, and news reporters to inquire about the news, and comment. Another call came; Del Princeton agents walked into the office, put up three fingers and said: 'Line is.Renner call from the hospital. 'Mike Sunn hard to tap the button, directed telephone shouted:' Hello? . 'Brenner in room number 945, it said he was cautious in Ricky's next:' Jason, we have just heard Clint Jose Diane Maxwell's phone call. He told her that he had just spoken to with Reggie, said she and Mark are now in New Orleans, said they all is well. '' New Orleans! '' He says so. Did not mention exactly where, but said in New Orleans. Diane said almost nothing, less than two minutes throughout the call. Clint said he was from his girlfriend's apartment Memphis East give him a call, he also promised to give her a call back later. '' What place Memphis East? '' We're not sure, he did not say. Here we try to see if I can find out that place, he hung up the phone too fast, I'll send you the recording. '' Sent it. 'Mike Sunn again to tap another button, Brenner's voice is gone, he immediately began to call New Orleans Larry Trueman. ------------- ----- 29 The house is situated on a winding, dense shade streets. When they approached the tall buildings, Mark instinctively fell from the chair to go, looked at from the window only see his eyes and head. His head wearing a top hat like painted saints, those portraits are plotted in black and gold, this hat is Reggie at a Wal-Mart store chain buy, and also for him to buy a two-piece overalls and undershirt. a city map has been rubbing horrendous, and was casually tucked in next to the brake handle. 'It was a big house. 'Mark's voice coming out from under the hat, then they're speeding on a piece of winding streets, did not have to slow down. Reggie watched as four weeks, after all, but she was on a strange street travel, so she was not trying to make themselves look