cheap ray ban and oakley sunglasses clean inside the library, 's body has been sent away. Bright shining chandeliers desk, room elsewhere still a shadow. However, they still see the chair placed in the same place, cover the dinner tray also arrayed roses resting on a small table.Dr. Phil visits around. Glass of red and white cells leading to the balcony door shut up.At this point, he stands motionless, as if in meditation. Then he went to a window.'They have come,' he said, 'Do not search area and his team. You see the flash flashlight yet, in the tree? They seem to have sent out glare motorcycle lights. Yes, they search over the garden at the end, the murderer was not there. They came towards this head ...... 'GE could not forbear to repair, and he turned with almost shouting, said: '? Look at heaven's sake, you have to tell me who the murderer who is -'A white light shone from the window, this time, someone shouted at the bottom. Everyone's voice shouting an end integration, Zada's footsteps rustling in the bushesSensual said.'But this world is not because of some dark on everything is filthy!' Kusanagi cold put a sentence.Autumn maple court looked at Kusanagi one, turned Huameng Yang said: 'If the fate of this world really exists, then, perhaps, we will meet again soon after!' Then, so turn left.Watching his back, Huameng Yang loudly shouting: 'Autumn maple court, if the next time you dare to defy the law, then I certainly will put you to justice!'And somewhere maybe God really exist, they did not meet again on the long interval of time! But that is another story ......Some still looked angry Huameng Yang, Kusanagi said: 'You should know, though parallel lines never intersect, but they always go hand in hand together side by side, for you and autumn maple court, perhaps like good and evil These two parallel lines, destined to be diametrically opposed to each other! ''Anyway, this guy will never let him free to decide the fate of people! For anyone who lives only once, by the cold-blooded guy to manipulate inevitably too poor. Whenever and ray ban outlet in kolkata surprise, was sent to the lives along the way.Mouzon crown prince among the anxious period, with the success of the throne also vanished. He ascended the throne of his own foster men are given a different reward, especially the mother Consort Guo book stand for the Queen Mother, to repay her years of hard business. In contrast, his cronies and minions Fu Huang were sentenced to denounce penalty kill. It is called .After Mouzon ascended the throne, did not forget to make their own taboo names such as all get rid of. Like Heng Yue (Heng) mountain to the town, the town changed constant state states, Dingzhou constant change Quyang County. In this way, the Tang Dynasty monarch ascended the throne of the new generation.Mouzon was 26 years old when he ascended the throne. For middle-aged emperor ascended the throne, if want to have a bright future in politics, this is a people admire age is 29 years old Taizong reign, reign is 28 years old. If you want to eat all day long, recreational enjoyment, that is noWhen people can match. Mouzon did not follow the example of Taizong, the reign of good governance, but indulge in pleasure, without restraint.To August, went to the palace Ceratophyllum Mouzon pool levy made Shence thousand people will Xianzong long period of water to be dredged silt, two days after the September opening of the water, he was in Ceratophyllum massive palace banquet, people watch palace boat races. Because of the time near the Ninth Day banquet ministers want Mouzon. Supplements as Li Jue, who remonstrate memorial, said: 'His Majesty has just boarded the big treasure, yet it has not changed reign, Emperor Xianzong Garden Tomb is still new, and if it is so massive banquet in the inner court, I am afraid that is inappropriate.' Mouzon did not Listen. Chung Yeung Festival day, but also specifically to his uncle Guo Chiu brothers, the court Guiqi, princess consort to the sun and the temple so called high alcohol will.November day, Mouzon suddenly issued an edict: 'I go to Japan temporarily Hua Qing, cheap rayban '' Such as? '' For example, Senator body locations. '' Do you like this assumption is based on what? '' This is a long story, Your Honor. To explain spend effort. 'Harry playing with his bow tie, with his characteristic way Ord a harsh glare. He was thinking.' So you want me to put the child came to ask him some questions. '' Is this meant. Fink brings a request, made this child is a juvenile offenders. 'Harry right words can be a bit disgusted. His shiny forehead wrinkled up suddenly.' A very serious assertion. The child committed a crime? '' Obstruction of justice. '' You have a legal basis for it? 'Harry turned the page, glanced at the watch.' I'm listening, 'he said toward the funk.' Your Honor, our view is that because of his false statement, Mark Maxwell-depth investigation of the case impede . '' What problem? Murder or suicide? 'Wonderful points, heard this, Fink heart to understand, Harry Roosevelt was not a good deal of character. They are investigating homicide, not suicide. Does not provide legal allowed to commit suicide, nor provision allowed witnessed suicide. 'ah, Your Honor, we believe that suicide and murder Boit has some very direct contact, the child's cooperation is very important. '' What if that childI do not know how to do? '' Before questioning him, we can not be sure. Right now he is hampering the investigation. If you know it, every citizen has the duty to assist law enforcement officials. '' I am by heart. But in the absence of any evidence, to assert that the child is a criminal, it seems a little too serious. '' Your Honor, if we can hold a secret hearing, the child reached the witness stand, and let him swear, and then ask him questions, there will be evidence. That's all we're trying to do. 'Harry threw a bunch of the lawsuit summary file, removing his reading glasses, his mouth pipe handle.' Your Honor, let him speak, there are two methods, 'Fink adds,' we can submit this request, and held in your court in a hearing, or we can send summons to let this child to stand in front of