ray ban prescription sunglasses nz bones hit on that hard wood. The greatest benefit to enter middle age, that is, they do not have to do unpleasant things.Wooden pillars placed in the middle of the floor, two bars of wood were placed in the groove side, the location of high energy and move around in the hands of the Department. Metal bolts and wooden handle secure penetrate the poles of the specified location, supporting barsWood, thus forming a torture instrument. As tibia impact time, have wait a bit. Now just 'rotating' time. A group of two students were below the horizontal bar forward to two, and then a monkey hanging in bars generally hands on wood. First tilt, and then after the turn, and then they like to spin like a gyroscope. Ruth started inBefore the operation, everything is like no mistake like the perfect performance. Ruth bent knees in front of the bar jumped up, but let yourself fall, freckled face filled with panic.'Oh, if Fu, I can not do.''Nonsense, Ruth - Miss,' Crawford if the tone of encouragement were no little surprised (apparently this scene has happened many times), 'From you - or low grader when done well, you Now of course, can do it. 'Ruth trained to maintain silence, leapt high bar. The first half of the performance of players like like a smooth,Suddenly, however, I do not know why, when there is no mistake with one hand and turned to climb to the horizontal bar, Ruthie's body losesFlat swing the body weight is placed on the other hand. She tried for a long time before they recover the balance of power with one hand to pull the body, but the operation of fluency has gone, her feet touch the ground fall.'I knew if Crawford, I would like Kaiya as if Crawford. I would like the same Cares.''Ruth small - Sister, you do not like anyone, this is purely a skilled problem you just missed a moment.Only. You try again. 'Ruth climb again jump high bar head.'Do not! 'The Swedish teacher stressed out loud, what the teacher Ruth looked after landing instructions.'Not to say: God, I can not do; but to myself: This is - I often ray ban sunglasses gradient cheap ray bans dublin call Tommy parking.'I do not know, probably from a speech last fall Theosophy woman there to listen to, ah! I think so, yes.'He has a good mind to let Tommy know what? This is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if he is a paralysis of syphilisMan, he will accept Tommy's help and sympathy. Why did he let Tommy know, he was not present because of the fear of certain things and sweaty? Maybe he can pull a lie? Maybe he can just call Tommy stop, so he admire the scenery? Birch forest to the At least until he stays here.He again hold it, to where the river turns. Then he will compile a look at the river's excuse because look at the river to see the scenery more than some truth.Mean, look at the river, Tommy will be very happy; look at the scenery, it can only say soupM is the main guest will be with it.Then hold fifty seconds, one, two, three, four ......Okay.'This winter we have lost in the pond of the two sheep.' Tommy said glide the corners.Too late.He also compiled what excuse? They've Knut too close, and not easy to find excuses.He even did not dare to point a cigarette, because his trembling too much.Maybe just something like, regardless of what is good ......The first experimental poem, but he must have left it in the hotel's restaurant. Oh! Okay, okay. AnywayWhen he eats breakfast, the newspaper has played its due role. Of course, the newspaper's owner hasIt is no longer needed, and he has come to his heaven, his forgotten again, and if that is what he wants. As for the hands and the whole body can not control the sweating is not his prerogative, and the devil fight no. The fresh morning,Loving this piece of land, which is the beauty of the highlands and groaning line no. This is the first time he began to wonder, in the end is what makes this young man came to the north? He ought not to set up a first-class sleeper car, just to make their own alcohol death, right? He must have a destination,A target.But why would he choose such a cold season to the north? Is to go fishing? Or climbing? On GrandSpecial recall ray bans outlet that a bad deal. But as they drove the red-faced driver is one who loves talking. He began showing off that he often open casket.'! Then you open the coffin car last week probably right,' Swann asked the driver nodded his head and said:. 'Yes, because last week, Mr. Kang Bai Seoul City funeral to say, you are the Kang Bai Relatives of Mr. Dole? ''I'm not behind the two are.''Yesterday I gave one of his relatives to the city Xia Yila it. He was named Colin Kang Bai doctor, also a bit harsh but overbearing man. Although he is a family man Kang Bai, Xia Yila but do not care to speak ill of the castle, but to hear him say, ancient castle tall indeed not authentic. ''Not authentic, what does this mean? Is there haunted?''I did not say what ghosts there, but his intention is not right, do not say a good word.' The driver may also be taken into account Kang Bai Seoul home sitting on the rear seat relatives - Allen and Catherine bar , they talk about these is closed up.Swann his pocket travel brochures read them. Sunset streaming into the window, he can not help but read it aloud:. 'Dao Cunkou the car along the highway, visitors are mostly left to wait and see city sixteenth century castle is built in stone old house stands next to the base of a conical tower, from a distance it can be beheld it. This 20-meter-high tower, is ancient even by 1692 Branch massacre ...... 'Read here, like Swann said to himself:! 'Ancient lianke massacre, I heard it right, yes ...... learn in school, however, who is the who killed, already can not remember. 'Swann began reading up: 'According to legend, after the ancient lianke massacre, Kang Bai Seoul home soldier Ivan Kang Bai bloody struggle against this brutal remorse, begins to jump off the top of the tower windows, fell below the paved courtyard and killed. 'Read here, Swann said to himself, raised his head again,' This is exactly the same as a week ago Angus Kang Bai elderly die ah! 'Then he LangRead:. 'However, according to another legend, the warrior Ivan Kang Bai is not a suicide