ray ban online kaufen schweiz ray ban online discount code firm expressionless stare hill, his face did not look the slightest pity, he put on his glasses, then lit a cigarette.'I hope that the company can send me redundancy payments as soon as possible.''Well, you are saying that they want to get the severance payment as soon as possible?''Yes, I will make a special request to the managerAsked for. You receive one week later, okay? ''Well, that's very grateful for your care of!' Hill bowed deeply to Ono.Yamaoka Ono also did not care attitude. No matter for what, Yamaoka usually not very care about, regardless of who, whenever possible, on the other side as he expressed polite, humble language as much as possible, but also respectful bow, but whom he did not feel humiliated.He actually believes that almost all people have the ability, all take such humility to treat people, he was quite enjoy.Two colleagues face, suddenly showing a bit of envy and clinging expression, they got up to say goodbye with Yamaoka, proposed to be open for the hill farewell. Yamaoka politely refused their demands, out of the room.When he was about to taken when the main door, in the hallway met his boss in the past a wall too.'Ministers of the wall!' Greeted hill lived like simply ignore the existence of the hill, pass the wall.'What happened?' The wall face expression of impatience, to twist around.'In the past, courtesy of your multi-take care!' Hill bowed.'......''I'm starting today, resigned.''Oh, yeah, you quit?' In the wall of eyes staring at the mountains, and sometimes I do not know what to say, stiffness of the muscles of his face. Yamaoka raised his head, glanced at the wall quickly.Search is an arrogant and confident face, his face full blossoming Hengrou tranches, cheeks bulging high, showing that he has a ruthless, strong-willed character.He is a power figure Wuling Shoji fifth business department, speaking in the reins. Is this man, who tried his ugly girl forced upon the hill. After being refused hill, his daughter, his excuse was hurt on the hill to take a vicious retaliation, ray ban aviators 1975 ray ban sunglass outlet review right? I accepted a White House employee's secret message here. Is not a trivial matter. Now you tell me, g Cliff, I'm sitting here so a white man is not interesting? '' Well, well, Saji Where? '' Saji feel uncomfortable, and he asked me to give you a pass word. 'This can be accomplished . He can put Saji as a news source, but can not let Saji son or any other person with Saji spoken to deliver the message. 'What ails him?' 'Old people. He did not want to speak tonight, but this thing is very important, he said.' Grantham listened and waited. 'My car is there an envelope, seal tightly, Saji give us time to put it in no uncertain terms, told me not allowed to open. Just to Mr Grantham. I think this is an important thing. '' Let's go. 'They walked through the crowd to the door. Patrol car illegally parked on the curb. Cliff opened the right door, remove the envelope. 'He got in the West Hall of the White House.' Grantham put it into his pocket.Kat is not stealing people in their dealings had never provided a document. 'Thank you, Cliff.' 'He would not tell me what it is, just say waiting to read the message in the newspaper.' 'Tell Saji I love him.' 'I believe that this quasi make him excited.' He Feeling suspicious for this notice. Should not be so sensitive words written on paper, throw in the office. Perhaps there is an individual, perhaps Fletcher Cole, wanted to make the world know Kamal such suspects, all the circumstances related to this person: he is the Arabs, he and Libya, Iran and Iraq, and several other hatred of the United States have been associated countries. Inside the White House trying to fool the people aboard this news on the front page. However, this is an amazing news, it is front-page news. He and Smith Keen took two people to write it as a 9 o'clock. They find two old photographs, one photo is widely regarded as Carmel, but they were both extremely alike, but rather two different people. Keane said two full board. Archive content on Kamal's very simple. Many rumors and legends, few real cheap ray ban wayfarer polarized day battle' is not necessarily true, but the way over, the wind moving the grass, panic Dianpei, Cry hard to know, 'Prince or outdated, no food', when it is not an exaggeration. Shuofang army arrived until smooth legacy lingwu, find the Prince Li Heng line was able to breathe.Tianbao fifteen load (756) July 9, accompanied by Du Chien Li Heng, who arrived ShuoFang lingwu military stronghold. After some layout and planning, July 12, Li Heng Lingwu city in South Gate, held a simple ceremony throne. After accession to the throne, nianhao Shitoku, and will then be changed to D'yuan load reign was Esteem as overlord. The same day, he sent envoys to Suzong Sichuan, reported the news to the overlord. FAN Zu - yu Song historian commented, Suzong to lingwu emperor, which was 'tooBetraying the child 'and' filial piety ', that is, one without the permission of trespassing legislation reign.That day, Hyung heart is complex. Over the years the treacherous Prince put an end to his career since then, years of head Guozhong also been drowning in Mawei, today throne, finally a show distress, a spit grievances. However, living in Lingwu, and apart distant capital, the rebels have occupied the two capitals, to regain lost ground, still long way to go counterinsurgency Jing chaos.No matter how that Suzong lingwu throne, after all, played a counter-insurgency Jing chaos banner. The rebels occupied the news spread, greatly encouraged the local resistance movement, fled the country after reversing the reign counterinsurgency war politically passive situation. Suzong tough time in almost universal disintegration in Lingwu raised the banner of counterinsurgency, to the revival of the national subjects brought hope to serve the country all over again ignited the enemy, and the rebels vow to battle flames. This is the reason Suzong spirit court, on which he is the only prerequisite for development.Hyung Quick profileName: Lee Hyung (First name heir l, has repeatedly changed its name) Born: King Wan years (711) September 3Zodiac: Pig