ray ban sunglasses for prescription mention Shizuoka, reflexively think of the West End Shinichiro villa rehabilitated Temple.' 'Of course, I also think this may be the West End was not abducted prisoners, but to pay a ransom of 100 million yuan victim Yeah.' 'Indeed. But I think that the Secretary of the island Jun 11 .3 day, all night we watched the cottage.Is not it going to Tokyo? Drove to the islands, take the Shinkansen from Mishima to Tokyo. FromIsland to Tokyo takes 1 hour and 5 minutes.The Chofu into account, there are two hours is enough. 4:00 to leave the house, you can reach over 6:01. ' 'So to say, the source of a given moment Aoyagi's death, should be between 6:00 in the afternoon on the 11th of 10 points.' 'Yes. Assuming Jun Island prisoner, presumably from the time is consistent. Kimijima shot put speed cameras, the new ride from MishimaTrunk, probably towards the Evening News that every buy. To Tokyo, he inadvertently let the imprisoned take a Aoyagi sourceMove also sensible and reasonable. ' 'However, the police department, this way, that the island should be the king of the kidnappers?' Kamei said, shaking his head, his face exposedDo not understand how the look. Ten law Chuan waved: 'Not really, to the West End call the person, not the monarch Island, but the other one.' 'Well, there is no reason to kill the king island Aoyagi source one?' 'I like this idea, you see how? Someone Shinichiro blackmail the West End. It means to blackmail, not captured Aoyagi source a hostage, but a secret one secret of the West End.' 'Police Department is not mentioned, was killed Yuki Sasaki holds the West End of the handle, this stress Nishio bought her a highLevel apartment, gave her a monthly sum of money? ' 'That's because in the West End and Sasaki made between discipline, and no signs of male and female adultery. Plus cases from women lawyers Yuuki pay more child there to listen to, so I'm getting the impression deepened. Kusakabe said Jun on the express train to kill SakuraShe is a man. I think, is not the man initially did not fake ray ban zoll ray ban sunglasses discount india fake ray bans with free shipping to forget but hard to forget things. Ten days, his heart has always been in the drawer for her book and intense struggle with. She was drunk to tell him something lynching photos, but that was not a drug addict's nonsense. Adam knew that the book is out there, it is a real book, which has a scene shotTaken the photograph was hung up on was a black youth with a rope, his feet are a proud group of whites, those who are facing the camera faces, they will not be prosecuted anyone. Adam repeatedly at heart collage with the picture, will give it a new face, sketch the outline of the tree, painted on the rope, and by adding in its title. But some things he did not know, could not possibly imagine. The faces of the dead can see clearly? His feet are wearing shoes or bare feet it? The little Sam easily recognizable it? How many white faces in the picture there? How old are they? Women do? People with guns do? There was no blood? Li said he had been cowhide whip before, in the photo you can see the whip? The past few days he has been thinking about that picture, is to look at the book of the time, he can not wait. Perhaps Li rehabilitation should return, when she will re-hide it. He plans to remain in the next two or three days to live here, but maybe a phone call can put all all upset. He may have been forced to rush to Jackson or in Paqi Man sleeping in his car. When your client only less than a week day, like lunch, dinner and sleep like a trifling matter they will become unpredictable up. He found the book in the third drawer, is placed in a faded T-shirt top. Very thick book, the cover is green, says: Southern blacks and the Great Depression. Pittsburgh Toffler published Publishing Company 1947. Adam put the book out to sit on the edge of the bed, the pages are very new, like never have looked like. People living in the most southern part of who would read this book? Although this book has been put in Cayhall home there for decades, but Adam convinced that nobody will see it. He looked at the cover of a book, this how do you measure ray ban aviators