cheap ray bans in miami cheap ray ban glasses a woman moaning, it sounds like the same cloth torn, very miserable. I think it is right to kill? Out look, I saw a young woman rushed into the street barefoot ......''Woman! Is really a woman?''Yes, wrong time, a oncoming car suddenly stopped, jumped from the car of a military officer, will hold the woman on the train to go immediately to the National Stadium and headed up.''US military officers, this is true?''Yes, it is a burly soldier. Dressed in beautiful uniforms.''There are other people on board it?''Then do not know. But I clearly remember the soldiers jumped from the car to the back door.''Probably much of the age?''Ah, maybe there are about thirty, right?''Car of the designation of it?'The woman shook her head.'I did not know how knowledge about the car.''You say that the woman screams loudly 'kill it' and ran out of whom seems to be catching it?''Yes, look askew look desperate escape ......''After seeing these, how did you?''So, did not see the murderer?''No.''The trouble you.'Minegishi bid farewell to this woman.In the meantime, the identification officers arrived. After identification can be confirmed on the door and the surrounding soil and the road has bloodstains spread, consistent with eyewitness testimony. Which can infer that a woman escape, was wounded at home somewhere.Nine positiveThat is, in a report after ten minutes to get to Shinjuku Gyoen as the center, set up temporary checkpoints, programs Shinjuku, Shibuya, Hong Kong and other packages are set up fence, in which the surrounding area have also been interrogated.Half-past nine, and the murderer did not arrest, the US military take the car not found, nor anything about the injured woman was rescued news.US military?Middle-aged criminal Sagara came.'That woman, does accomplices?'His thoughtful side, side expounded his own views.'No, deliberately shouting let others see themselves being rescued by the US military, which is not usual. Oh, the murderer is likely to escape into the Regency, please look at the full surround arrangement.''I prescription sunglasses ray ban new wayfarer junior ray bans cheap gray pigeon walked under swaying elm. There are pieces manicured lawns, and that the sun shadow passing birds. A tall and domineering, angular gentle red brick house, painted white walls, with a white dome attic, wore gilded weather vane, since the reign of Queen has gradually old, but retains elegance. I do not know where there is a group of bees buzzing clamor. Also wandering an air straw sweet taste.The night before had not seen such a blue slope views. Senior Pastor Ford sedan was opened near the hut, raining. He and Sangdeshiti the lights, stiff body bulging thus go upstairs. Before he opened the entrance, as if suddenly pushed into a brightly lit stage, covered with wetA pull clothes on the body, like millions of people have to face. When he and his associates took to the lanes actually afraid to see her again. Awkward situation: The arch onto the stage, no lines, stunned, very useless, like in a dream naked, not retreat scene. Her house is not only the housekeeper -? What's his name to the only butler hands clasped, slightly lean ready for him, said to have been prepared in the living room sofa.A moment later, she came out from the study. Swollen eyes revealed that she cried ferocious, certainly from wave after wave of heartfelt sorrow, the sad cry. However, she is actually very calm, expressionless face, rubbing twisted a handkerchief. He did not say anything, can I say? Any one word, a move would appear abruptly. He did not know what the reason, only knew necessarily so. He just pathetically stand at the door, wearing a wet flannel shirt and sneakers, did not stay for long. I remember when he left the scene: the rain just stopped soon, master clock struck one o'clock. Poor silly he can seize an insignificant detail impression: Rain is like one o'clock stop. One o'clock the rain stopped, do not forget ah. ? What's the use in mind hey, who cares -Martin · Shitabosi not his lack of goodwill. He maintained that, when the girl went to see the face of the deceased have been lost, step on some innocent ray ban frames buy online