prescription sunglasses ray ban 4147 cheap ray ban melbourne encountered in town, then he can take an objective approach to observe the whole thing. Unless you first your mind calm down, otherwise you can not analyze one thing very clearly. Maybe spend some time teaching minibus likened his algebra exercises can make you calm down and think about the case now occurred.At least he can change a clean shirt to wear, he thought. He will carry their own stuff into the bag, and thenAfter down to breakfast. Although it was Sunday, but still early, but they are ready to help him early breakfast.Just when he was going to open the door, the phone suddenly rang.Words.'Detective Grant it?' Came the boss microphone voice, 'Please wait, have your phone.'The other waited a moment and then said, 'Well, turn on, please speak.''Hey.''Aaron it?' Marta asked, 'Is that you, Aaron?''Yes, it is me. You get up really early.''Listen, Aaron, something happened, you must immediately come out trip.''Come out? You're Speaking Vereshaka town it?''To Mill House´╗┐To you? 'Because I have no other friends, never had received such a thing. That night happened around the end of September, after a more than one week, the Double Ten Day morning, I received the first fishing Fish dry character. I wondered myself, no one else besides him. 'These three letters are received by you personally do? '' Do you know what you put someone to close down the two letters? 'I asked, the second letter' out unfavorable 'letter was received Suzhou maid to me. This one is Moda Jie went to my room. 'You got a break after this had been questioned before?' No. I never declared. I got the first break, a bit surprised, and immediately ordered Moda Jie Suzhou maid, if there is I believe, should be careful collection. As for the content of the letter, I had absolutely no mention of any person. According to my observation, Liyun more arrogant air of embarrassment, Iraq not only ignored me, sometimes caught in the living room, the Iraqi often fiercely Look at me, as if to imply: 'Now give you color looked! 'So, the more I suspect that fake ray bans neon is the weight of inspiration from the painting,' he pointed lazily against the wall and are planning to spend a large painting, 'Yes, that is the weight of the picture. He thought that it does not matter, until I think of it ...... ''Draw weight? Oh, the painting,' Hadley growled, 'I forgot it in the end what is coherent with the awful bad deeds? Ge Limo want to take it up again?''Well, ha, yeah, you know, this is my place to wonder.''But the weight of that painting, God! It can not multi-ah, you alone will be able to lift it with one hand, they can even flip it vacant.'Dr. Phil sits rise.. 'It is true that you're right, I lift it with one hand, but also rotate it a bit ...... That being the case, then why need two strong men - a driver, a helper - to move It upstairs it? ''That's something which can not be hidden,' Hadley refute, 'Otherwise, we will find in this study, where it is, is not it? And, anyway, this thing is bound completely flat, otherwise hidden in the wrapping paper in will certainly be noticed. What kind of objects large enough to be seven feet wide and four feet long, but the thickness is thin to be placed inside the wrapping paper can not be found painting? What's volume can be as large and painting, but you can you are free to change to make it disappear? ''Mirrors.' Dr. Phil said.They shocked speechless for a long time. Hadley then suddenly got up, Dr. Phil is wearily continued: 'As long as it stack up along the wide chimney stuffed - we do not have all the fist into it - so that the mirror of the iceberg withstand within the chimney´╗┐Boss bends, you can let him disappear sly, you do not need magic, as long as there is a strong arm will be able to do it. ''You mean,' Hadley screamed, 'That's a damn stage tricks ......''A new stage tricks,' says Dr. Phil, 'If you dare to try, I guarantee practical and exciting. Now, you look around this room. Saw the door it? In the wall opposite the door, you see what ? ''Consequently,' Hadley said. 'I mean, at that wall, Ge Limo remove part of the bookcase