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down to my head, I was involved in this, but also to the old Ho. 'He Yi looked at the old man, had just Guaiyan doubled, He Yi has been robbed before salute:' Ge brother Jiuyang name, today it was thanks to the knowledge, Nice to meet you very. 'The old man also turn into a smile, salute and said:' What brother tell you the truth, at first I heard people say that you shot Shuangjue skills, and you imagine a long fight on a fight, the old have no chance. And then I heard that you have into the mountains and live in it when. Meet today's drunk, I discovered that you will brew a good wine, put my addiction brought back. If you do not come, sooner or later, the wine is not available between non steal you this, I have a bad backThinking of. ' Xi wake laughed: 'How old you listen, I say greedy bones will find out the door, you will want to lead a thief comes in, it is not self-trick that?' He Yi listen to two jokes, but also half the village semi harmonic answer said: 'Ge brother Thief known nickname, the amount of alcohol and food intake is so unique Brother Fucai, a rough-known diet food, home possession of aged wine also has a lot of Ge brother For a food and wine over the addiction, you can pay their visit today. between staying homes, as poly- Plains, chat to make a mere host. For too steal addiction, please early thanks to the light down, brother certainly thick solid-wall characters, led home congregation Rixi careful vigilance, so Xiongtai cast Thief wonderful technique , stretched out an eye-opener. However, a long time favorite, both in stolen or off to, all hope for good as soon as possible. ' Haha old man laughed: 'Jen brother heard so much about what it really is true, then just pass you a glass of wine, did not eat, saying the plain ten days together, a little too stingy..' Xi wake up and said:! 'Listen to what he said he wished he could and you bet ten drink wine, not drunk daily round, how to say ten days? This is his last decade dyed fake gentle habits, frequently throwing paper cited Code, the experience it, how to' come see Di escape is also a ignorant arrogant generation, can not help haha ​​laughed: 'I heard your teacher is a named person, how people do not see that the root of a hundred small stick too strong, if not me, early stand broken, how can the above? hands it? I do not believe it a try. You go first, just stabilize, I then went to what? ' Word, suddenly a soft soles, like riding in the snow on top of the virtual quicksand, you know well, you want to play free hip vertical, and has since no, a main pile Chixu crude fell suddenly collapsed. Sudden accident, not vertical longitudinal play, sawdust fly, the people fall, even channeling the next two steps, only to catch herself, almost did not fall. Xiufen pole, Wei Xia wondering, little feet, and went along to the vertical piles. The potential child violent, vertical is the root Baotou iron stake, though it seems only the main wood pile, so withering, scattered into a pile of wood chips, but the pile early escape by Di vigorously method with a diamond tread fold, person, one up, immediately interrupted. A pair of pull a loud rattle too, are no longer Shoubu Zhu Yu potential, the second fall down. When falling down crooked body, there happens to nearby piles, taking the hand Qufu delusion. Unexpectedly, such as studShould stand folded hands, even off the three, people are almost stumble, ears Di escape haha ​​laughed: 'Young told you idiot, you like him. I say strong, you Pianbu Xin, now what? You can not do anything in this master to teach, not Treat adults out of your home, I really want to make me a big pressure to do that , home deceptive thing called veteran laughed at it? ' Di has been lodged hear, come meet rival knew motioned Cao Bao to help Naishi messenger, heard laughed and said:. '. Do not worry I did not see you at home adults, no matter how you play, I do not fight back,' say Ming see that group of people came, but tilted his head to go toward the rise amid streams, free standing shoulder to shoulder with Shen Lin,