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strength to protect the body was 'God' totally sucked, sucked in the power of Liu Ji day after 'God' does not give up, but tried to enter her body. Yoo Ji-day bite his tongue, if 'God' Dare any indecent assault against her move, she immediately bite tongue suicide. At that moment the door was pushed open, general body melt came directly from the door, he comes around the 'God' appeared in numerous metal ions immediately fly like ions from the surrounding different space out like, in the shape of a plume of hair, trapped 'God' body. Liu Ji day to see that the generals had found God whip, and has made the power exchange between the two, reaching mutual soaring realm, this realm from Du wind then 'forget' only one step away, but God used to suppress is enough. To her dumbfounded happened, 'God' who sent an amazing force, has been rushed to the generals somehow went to the door, the generals rushed again, but this time 'God' have preparedness, full metal ion is parried, 'God' power. Liu Ji day never seen such a strange phenomenon, as if time countercurrent same. It was not infuriating, but a very singular force generals still prevailed metal infuriating, but 'God' as he knows all the same direction of the attack, constantly avoiding general attacks, some metal ions scattered out in front of the general image constitutes a knife, a knife to chop the generals to go. Liu Ji days can not help but cried aloud, it is Independence Day Du wind. Not a phantom, but a genuine Du wind power. General body into a liquid, huge metal dam overwhelming enveloped by, God tightly trapped in them, Du wind earth metal body also will spread. 'God' does create a DU wind, but it is the fight and generals, the generals have not yet entered the extradition would be when Du wind, obviously not now the general's opponents, butY. said: 'Dear husband Let retreat, wait for them to solve the problem to say!.'Blue Meng said: 'Yes, you go first or, anyway, we are bound to be difficult on both sides coexist in the future to be a summary of