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severance. He rarely listen to the words of Mr. Zhao city, for fear head leaked, but suspicion Biaohang ask for help, out in force. His side room has unusual ignorant women, so things smoothly, not hurt a person. Today Walled house burnt, the mother of one already on the road, via Jiangsu relatives went. 'Gan with Heard, teeth Weicuo, replied:' So good, too. Intersects with his brothers in a decrepit, Cunxin not into, be decrepit find Ann mouth coffin burial, the corpse of ossification from miserable eliminate it. 'When he finished, a ring bowed toward the crowd, said' see you later 'in one hand and leaning on Iraq Business neck, hand and hold up the corpse fly Shanpi place step toward the door. Heimo Le laughed: 'I Shishu really say you are a good friend of the three gentleman does, but I can promise that he would like to promise the elderly eccentric, reluctantly, he does not come, I set the words to hear Yu home garden. well, maybe in the future I have to find a play to play with, 'Yao Min said:.' Buddy light down, could not be better, 'Francis Chin and want to see above all the chivalrous side, helpless Heimo Le urging speed line. thanks only full length, but fortunately everything is already ready, gave the order to go, as soon start line. Hei Mole looked straight from the body, had passed since last goodbye. Yao people do not accept the others insisted, would rather do after each set. Single-gone days, the line arrived on the Yang Shu Town, Yongkang separated by only two hundred years. Yao Min calculations almost home, this went along the mountains, people Fan Shu, the town has gone through a set, but also no lack of accommodation place, which is outside their own in a long time, they do not want to expose Kozo. Road name as renomination, Hugh said counties away near closeMany, everywhere flatter, then those villagers heard Yongkang Yu family, it is satisfied that all the extension of the reason. See the sky but nearly dusk, eager return home, intending to catch two more away. Yoshio, Zheng Chen Xinmin as well known. The Holy See in the West, but there is a force faint, retaining its tightly, therefore can not be induced, but the same is true, it can be concluded that there must be here the rest of the Divine Dragon. 'Daoxiong please go to the grindstone.' Breeze Live Lonely Road and looked at each other, suddenly have to care about. Hint of a smile on his face resolute and said: 'These Western barbarians year while I wait when closing, do not know how many people to kill me Divine, and then deliberately looking for some repair to the lower of the people, saying, held on the East and West Road ceremony, seriously damaging the interests of my Divine comprehension community. Well, anyway, a few decades later. or to its on the road, not weak now to settle down, killing up to say. As for the witch demon prize, to say the least, I am afraid that Emperor Ying Zheng is impossible at the moment and so I stabbed on a 'breeze Daoxiong said even! 'Lonely Road nodded, also endorsed road.' Magic hands Daoxiong if unfavorable, Pindao door division treasure can help. 'Then a loud shout, but it is two purple light blue sky. The entire hall is filled with purple blue light became acoustic twice Dragons resounded throughout the entire fortune. 'Purple blue swords!' All the monks was shocked, I did not expect this thing Shushan actually there to guard the safety of Shushan faction. This purple blue swords already acquired Lingbao stage, when the Magic do not know the drink human blood. The combined power of two swords is more powerful, but the principle is the year when the cut-taught expert Gods sky fairy hands Jinjiao cut almost, very sharp, almost right way the first weapon. Zhen Fang faint smile, positiveThat guy looks a talented, if just from the appearance point of view to go, really a bit like a son of nobles. 'Bao Shude said:' Well, the money actually trivial, who told you I was a friend of it, but not to arouse his suspicions first, and then we get a clear idea to start with. 'Baili Chao heard shocked, Ancun said:' but as the first step of Hongyun like electricity shot out. 'Chasing, how far he can not escape.' Garnett looked white flower red clouds in the sky around, shouted:. 'He did not have much strength now, not to mention that the clouds are not so easy to consume more than we Sword much more. ' 'Yes, Big Brother was right, but look at the direction of his flight southIf let him out of the continent, on the ocean, numerous scattered repair, we will have to suffer chase. This person is crucial, and must not stay. 'Spooky black Garnett said. It also asked out from the side of the mouth of the whereabouts of Hu Mei Chen family too! Polaris bible is more important. No matter what point, must be caught Zhen Fang. Do not know how long the flight, appear no longer Zhen Fang foot mountains, no longer debauchery, no longer skyscrapers. Instead rippling, endless sea. Zhen Fang is the first time I saw the sea, except seagulls flying, except for the occasional visible outside the wheel, and dotted on the island right into every ocean, but never seemed to not see any color. But even if there are other colors, Zhen Fang did not appreciate the effort. Behind with four head witch, as if eating like Viagra or drink blood, like, like a sticky skin like sugar, stick behind, thousands of miles away from the River City, has been tracked here, actually the moment did not stop. And this time with a single step Zhen Fang Red Cloud has become clouds, one to the air, the wind speed is great, white clouds, wind and drift, a lot of effort, although the speed is down a lot, but we are not consumed not less, not to mention, the first step though clouds, but the clouds are not considered, as long as the clouds, even the lowest grade of clouds, but also faster than your Sword flight then a star on the slightest. 'Damn it, like so many people do not follow the line was ah! Even if he relaxed point, but after all, not gods, really towards to the North Sea, to cangwu twilight, the moment can travel all over the world. They have to find a way to