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case, the front is no health gap, he is a dead end.' Rush to Baili Chao Bao Shude said: 'I quickly climbed back on. 'No student gap suddenly falling on a shadow, straight as meteorites drag with the whistling of the wind, that is Baili Chao carrying want from Jedi to survive.When they caught fly fall at the beginning, everyone has clung to the determination of death, and therefore there is no terror in their hearts instead, or even nervous, four eyes are wide open, for by the Department, the visibility of things, a a clear and into the head.Before , Baili Chao actually have plans, he is just the fall of persons from the cliff in the middle, because he was afraid of the cliff below a prominent part for fear Baoshu De scratch.Cliff gap width indeed as said about Hachijo, but also fourteen five feet long, more towards the fall, becoming increasingly broad, after falling about baizhang, had six broad Shiyu, and then also look eyesight the shape of the wall, because the next gap is still bright, this is really Wonderland between heaven and earth.Suddenly a black cross in the long stuff below anxious to ear bite shouted: 'A super, what is next!' make towardsSneered:.. 'Hearts magic, magic everywhere Miaozhen old nun counterpart Chen heart Murder, slightly nodded his ancestors but only if her mind free from demons, ancestors that offer all kinds of waste of effort, also do nothing to her. ' Remarks said that human right way in silence, while the other but the devil, but everyone has to admit there is some truth to the other side to say, if not Miaozhen Shenni Chen played to kill each other, where it would be regardless of the occasion, it will be shot, if not know something was going on, I am afraid that the other side has been voted Evil, today should help each other to take this piece of magic. Lonely Road Taoist breeze and looked at each other, but the wrinkled brow deeply. 'Lvpao, Hugh slander my reputation net fast, Pinni today to take your pathetic life, to prove my fast with you, such as net generation of Hadera front alert immediately, rapid back a few tens of meters. Hadera horde pace at the moment, he could feel the armed vindictive than interest in his forehead gently rub a bit. Hadera relieved, Xu Yuan was down about it, it really is out of disguise. The presence of ancient weapons, their combat effectiveness is definitely the weakest one, but also the most cautious of the most cunning. Hadera could not help but secretly glad that but for his quick return, Xu Yuan had already been shot ripped through his forehead. Korean prison and thunder are looked at with trembling Hadera, Hadera surprised and said: 'What? You see.' This phrase stuck in his throat, had become the life of ancient weapons soaring last half of the sentence. Occult Blood spatter, there has been a deep forehead Hadera blood hole, sky stumble to the ground. Xu Yuan has proudly stood up, armed grudge become leaden entity, enveloped in the same side as the fortress Xu Yuan in leaden armed grudge outer layer also shines constantly enlivened strange infuriating, Kazakhstan Della is in addition to tens of meters by this infuriating brush his forehead, killed on the spot. That is far from the cocoon to promise to bring new infuriating, Wu spy vindictiveness. If say a bomb armed vindictive, vindictive spy Wu is a sniper rifle to Xu Yuan's body as the center, within a radius of a certain range of body weeks infuriating super power diminishedBlow gun! Even in the tens of meters outside the power of being vindictive spy Wu slightly whisk and forehead, and the end is also close to focus without distinction. Korean prison a little hesitation, Xu Yuan gave up and turned quickly toward Du wind Meanwhile, the wind has been hacked Du retreat Tianshu fairy has once again rushed to the exhumation Du wind, the wind can not defense Du, is their most Good fish targets. They rushed to the wind in front of Du Du wind quickly swarmed the body had been wrapped in blue Xian Qi, Xian Qi bloodthirsty native body were a step ahead. However, Xian Qi blue tooth Yangtze River. 'Fast break through.' I did not expect Ye Yilang wood Suddenly, the situation on the back of a coming. 'Where to go.' Zhen Fang wide knowledge of God, How can these people be able to match, let alone living in the fog, where to avoid them. One hit a red gourd, than a quasi. 'Really good baby ah!' Midair Zhen Fang touched gourd, and waved the fog river do go around the tower. But now the original appearance. Gao Yi, who lay on the ground looking at dozens of hibiscus ninja, his eyes wide with the boss, who saw the blink of an eye Fuso ninja: 'If you do not come, Duron and blue Meng also the fear, afraid to cast demons eight roar, we can use other methods to remove them!'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'What good is it to remove them?'Tsering Wu Yi Zheng said: 'You do not do everything possible to remove the devil?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Yes, but I killed him because it is the tranquility of order martial arts, if killed him, you replace white cheap, but for what I do!!'Wu and his face turned gloomy Tsering said: '! If you deposit with this idea, it would impress, anyway blue butterfly dream at the moment is living than dead air, lack, however, is that we simply do not care, you go from a good deal with him.'Qiong Yao Yuwen lightly: 'You want to push him to us, we are not interested in him, according to my ideas, simply let him go, first you resolve to say!'Xuenv was asked: 'Miss Owen, how do you go for a long time, a lot of things happen here, you know?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I know, I've heard for a long time in Dianwai it!'Xuenv stunned then said: '? You've been here a long time.'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'I take the snow out did not take long to find a lotus reality, secretly wanted to send them, but I found that we are out of the absence of awareness, there is no use, so I am going to do not show up, observing the evolution of the results here, to see what the right thing! 'Xuenv busy and asked: 'Do you find any that do not have?'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'Nature has, Wu seeing mysterious Grand Master, his brow wrinkled hands emerged one lamp, I heard Lenghe, a purple flame soaring into the sky, all of a sudden in the range of tens of thousands filled the inside Shanhaiguan, forming a purple dragnet on towards Hou couple hood over. 'Humph!' Hou see distant mysterious Grand Master himself shot, slightly Lengheng a cry, left a drop, a blazing white light on the arrow towards the mysterious Grand Master shot over. And at his side Chang E physique of a move, I saw a gang of evil Xuanbing diffuse within the range of two hundred miles around, piles of bone cold sting like a mountain, like a bone, the two guard in the middle, above the head The Osmanthus trees Pitt faint one, a road Biguang fall, immersed bone mountains, mysterious brilliance of a sudden it is now under the Shanhaiguan, marvelous ** raging fire that ignited Tusita purple along and turned everything exhaustively fly ash. If not on the mottled walls, and millions across the Wu family standing army, no longer see where there had been a war. The purple fire spread away, as if about to be burned all the same, but the under Biguang, seemed caught in a quagmire, like, did not advance. 'Big Brother careful.' When it's in a stalemate between the two, a white light broke through the heavy fire toward the mysterious Grand Master shot over. Upon seeing the side of a late-bloomer, and quickly hands Xinghuang Qi to show, now on Xinghuang Qi saw blossoming Golden, Golden White hit on, and instantly shot through several Golden Flower, the potential can not be changed, still towards bloomer and the mysterious Grand Master shot over. 'Chile!' Everyone is ready to sell before they emerged to rescue a blazing white light, such as beads pearls. Hou Yi gas will stand in front of a late-bloomer arrow body, can not be the slightest progress, the immortal shocked, did he finally heart arrow power, we have seen, even the central Xinghuang Qi wear can shoot, though it Xinghuang Qi due to a late-bloomer Daoxing humble, but also played a dozen about what to do justice leaves breach of trust? 'His mind was late, already sneer, said: 'Three years ago, at the peak Rooster, you have promised me what?' Jin Shiyi said: 'I promise you, Joe North sea to sea to find the secrets of martial arts, it is not already done it?' Lisheng Nan said: 'Yes, this thing is a piece of it has been done there.?' Jin Shiyi heart startled, Samsam said: 'There is one that helps you take revenge, this, this ---' Lisheng Nan sneered: 'can not do anything Do you remember what you have done this thing, 'Jin Shiyi had said:.'? I thought you had enemies can be reported today, who knows, who knows, or to escape this devil ' said:' The original You also know Meng Shentong has escaped it? help me revenge thing, since you did not do, wanted to pay any attention to me? This is not a breach of trust justice leaves what? You say the words count? 'Jin Shiyi blame her speechless, he promised indeed, in never never leave her to help her before reported in rancor. Jin Shiyi heart sighed, thought: 'So it is bound to take this matter to me, today, this is the best time to help her revenge, timing week withoutTo what time can only do, yeah, she was my life in the magic stars. 'To know the promised aid Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi revenge, let her speak well personally Shouren enemy, not a simple single-handedly arranged for her. To achieve this goal, there are only two ways, one to help her excel at Joe's North sea Tips extremely martial arts, so she can really beat Meng Shentong skills; the second is to try Meng Shentong loss of skill, then let adopted by the success of his hit today is the second way, but because Liqin Mei, are present, him. do not want to show up and therefore want to ask somebody golden masters, pain and Zen Master, etc., whereas the first loss Meng Shentong skill, who knows Lisheng Nan or reported not revenge. miss this opportunity, Meng Shentong have fled to where I do not know, but that is considered found He, revenge nor easy. Jin Shiyi today authored by Meng Shentong remarkable