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suddenly raised his first cicada, Jiao Yeshang Youdai thirds blush, and said: 'But you have to promise me one thing!'Yanmu Fei said: 'What happened?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'This thing, so I told her.'Yan Mufei - startled, said: 'This is ......''It's what?' Jinyu Qiong said: 'You think you're good to say, good mouth it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Of course, the girls themselves to say, I could wish for, but I was afraid of her, but just in case ...... ......The girl does not know, she velvet glove. 'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I know what you mean, you're just in case I can not say that she would vent their anger on you?'Yan Mufei distress nodded and said: 'Yes, girl.''! See you' Jinyu Qiong shocked smiles: 'do not get married, afraid of this gentile, can we say that you six feet Angcang footer eyebrows, not afraid of a woman?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'girl, that's not afraid, is not bear.'Jinyu Qiong shook his head slightly, and said: 'a Lang considerate, she makes envy.'Yan Mufei frown shouted: 'Mother ...... 'Jinyu Qiong shook his head slightly and said: 'No kidding, seriously, do not worry, only the most understanding woman a woman, I will play it by ear, know what to say, definitely more than you do well is to put it mildly, the line Why? 'Yanmu Fei said: 'It seems that I had promised the girl.' said: 'It's difficult to give up, I told you to go to the Red Cliff, not, I'll go, it immediately became my go, I can not keep you down to business, I'll wait for you at the aunt's house.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, girl.'Jinyu Qiong Haowan lift, eyes Ningzhu, said: 'Well, my heart is no longer chaotic, short-lived fad nor sadness at all, come, help me to lie down.'Yan Mufei walked hesitantly took the bird Haowan, then escorted her to lie down gently. still dismay snow out of the game kind of bullying hand cream, said: '! Sit ah.'Yan Mufei promised soon sat down.He just sat down here, man has a cup bowl drugs came near Peixiao stoop, said:. 'Keguan drug Jian Hao, please hot drink.'Yan Mufei waved and said: 'Well, thank you, please hesitated a moment, a Baoquan, said: 'Just to thank Tan old.' Stood up and turned away without consulting others.Luosan Ye gone, Luosan Ye Ren a hold of filial piety, and said: 'Thank you, Mr Yam, but for the fact that he came forward to point out, Tanmou almost innocent man, Tan Compass miss a ready made from Branch villain, can not dare to harm himself Judging from ground wronged an innocent ...... 'Mr Yam said: 'Tan old this realistic, not live up vertical of handling really admirable spirit, if the public door, like all human Tan old, there would be no miscarriage of justice at all.'Tan Compass haha ​​laughed: 'Ren flatter me, but ......'Eyes of a condensate added: '? I believe it is how can sink in a wide Daughter'Mr Yam said: 'If one does not believe in the old Tan, how would put Luosan Ye.'Tan Compass coughed and said: 'I mean, how could sink in a wide daughter oral convinced, nothing to say.'Mr Yam said: 'The original Tan always such a meaning, that it is not easy, whether it holds evidence Tan old hands.'Tan Micro Compass nodded and said: 'I have so a hand, or Luosan Ye sent to me.'Mr Yam said: 'That's easy, Tan old and send someone to go into the van, lied to her children write a few words, the mouth can be conclusive, did not watch the situation in the handwriting is not changed, as long as the handwriting with attached Liangxia Li, she also Why can not plead guilty! 'Compass Tan Fu Zhang laughed and said: 'Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Tanmou people eat rice decades of official anti better than any boy in the arena so a few people walking around reading -'Mr Yam said: 'Do not underestimate Tan old scholar, Zhuge Wuhou is reading people, march lineup, winning a thousand miles, strategizing, tens of thousands of Kohei make in the chest.'Tan Compass busy: 'yes, yes, yes, afraid, afraid, like the fact that he so an expert, if the public body into the door ......'Ren lightly said: 'Thank the good old TanI naturally indifferent lazy, no smell of, has no intention of career. 'Compass Tan shook his