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Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'green damask sword Bizhu they hold fast to the position, no matter what happens, they are not allowed to get out, I'd like to see what this girl pound ghost!?'Laughing Moon to Tu Yuan said: 'In the Emei athletics, so you hidden their skills and fight with my father, to show off a lot of cleverness, when my father proposed to me, that I can talk to you fight the battle of wits, you also accept it! 'Tu Moon said: 'Since I said, I now challenge you you should not refuse!!' Yuan said: 'Okay, I'll experience the two, but your father is to control the lives of the Qilian Mountains in Miss Owen's hand, I have no right to deal with their life and death, Miss Owen does not agree, I was promised, there is no use!!'Tu Moon said: 'I arrived in your life with me and other people, because after I hurt you, your hands might find me desperately, as my father told Qi dong master, use Yuwen Qiong Yao's life as a credit, divided into two completely different things to pay, so that it may well be fair, so every one of them promised to every man on the line! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'I can accept, but my sexGo? Secondly, they really wanted to see whether Jin Shiyi also know how to 'four-point pen Bamo' the effort to see Jin Shiyi, how can 'nothing' becomes a four pen to? This curious idea, even overshadowed shame. Two brothers mind the same, then they stand on their own side of Jin Shiyi, suddenly one voice shouted: '! Surnamed Gan, you look down on this four-broken pen, we would no longer scratching coming for you,' four-pens shot, once played a thousand magic pen shadow, between the twinkling of an eye, in a move it, over the passage of Jin Shiyi kidneys! While Jin Shiyi articulate thin, deliberately making even embarrassed brothers, in fact, they did not dare to underestimate the enemy, but fortunately he was after three measures, these 'four-point pen Bamo' approach already glimpse the fence, I saw him in a thousand pens shadow among the shouts and cry, stature flash, with day Lo footwork, Taishanglaojun laughed and said: 'Young, you must not forget that the West there is one person He is not willing to own failure, probably already thought about this. Although not personally pick up, but will also send a competent person went to take a tripod universe, and this person is also a big cause of Hongyun Young people, This person went, Red Cloud will allow Young to say. So in order to occupy the human world of air transport. ' Primus looking for a change, sneered: 'I'm afraid that the only Zixiaogong the boy had a hum, a boy was born, let him reap the Three Realms Supreme millions of years, but do not follow the rules, and now has around trouble. Western paranoia into sects, is simply human actions can not. How can it be that the universe tripod figures he can get. Hmmm, that everyone is Red Cloud, and a quasi-holy saint Daoxing be able to beat. hum. ' 'Young, but the teacher that Haotian covenant, you and I can not move the light, or the teachers themselves decide the future now!' Taishanglaojun wrinkled brow, waved and said. 'Brother, the teacher just trend, as long as the Three Realms Supreme someone on the line. Brother, think crape myrtle how?' Primus tell one person. 'Very good.' Taishanglaojun nodded and said: 'heaven and earth Ding things, not you and I can get, as long as the human world to get gas transported on it that I have nothing to spare, go were born. it wants. ' YuanshiStatue looked a move quickly nodded. Lord of heaven is his pro points. It was originally Boyi test Myrtle Emperor's death inherited the throne, also thanks to Primus means, so naturally close illustrates teach, but if let illustrates teach again got the human world air transport, presumably Taishanglaojun nor satisfied . Therefore Taishanglaojun to spare take Jiuding, is a natural thing. Primus had no alternative but to promise down. Three Realms of the event but is a compromise and concession of completion. The so-called Sacred Heart of a dynamic, secret suddenly there was a reaction. Although today the secret