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vulnerability, and now in order to save the wing, Xin two lives. Compelled to display their Buddhist 'fixed beads fell monsters,' the supreme magic, such as promoting the Meng Shentong death is, although a clear conscience, but also some bear. Kou Fang Gao moments like these machines, such as lost dog hurried breath escaped from a dozen miles, Fang Zisong breath and shoved the car there is a very sharp ear to hear the voice shouted: 'Dude, you have to escape unhappy I fled horizon palm! 'Kou force Gao surprised this is no trivial matter. This sound is obviously Meng Shentong voice, but not his shadow. Gao Meng Shentong force Kou was the 'day escape acoustic' of the surgery, disturb the mind, distraught, although the cover of the air force to escape, two legs, but lose control Jingsi Needless long, would give Meng Shentong catch up front. Kou Fang Gao exclaimed: 'Enemy at the Gates, Mr. Meng why fratricide?' Meng Shentong scolded: '!? Fart, just say see you again so you do not even have to kill the old lady, you want me to forgive you' see Kou Fang Gao Meng Shentong Rao insisted, cross the heart yang, will no longer cry, but sneered: 'Mr. Meng, you only know the person in charge, I do not know the responsibility himself, well, I want to make you and Xiao Tang column die, but in the end never killed Yeah you: You say I secretly harm you, I ask you in this life of the victims who still less do I name Kou is nothing but learn your surname Meng fills a role model, 'Meng Shentong startled hesitated between eager actually? is speechless. Fang Gao opportunistic bandits fled again, Meng Shentong suddenly shouted: '! I would rather negative person, no person to me, okay, I did surnamed Meng evil I do, kill you today, can be considered a good thing to do,' Huasheng Finally, already make out! Kou Fang Gao fight efforts to pick him beat, blood Danjue crest, body chills, but he did not immediately fall,And he felt a little accident. Kou Fang Gao as Ouchi Explorer, martial arts made interrogate indeed extraordinary. Contact the kind of cold mountain wind Du momentum. Liu fat heart of a tight, I do not know why actually emitted a strange idea: Is this a ragged look just in front of the tomb of the man climbed out of that year and the extradition will be missing along with the world's three ancient weapons in the first, [ Independence Day] Du wind? The idea is definitely not whimsical. Leader of the world known as the Association of ancient weapons [Independence Day] and [Thor] Du Li wind and cold, but the last two decades, Lee Han also occasionally been seen a few times, but it is a Du wind did not appear in front of people too positive. Du year's Independence Day style, is a shot though resolutely, but accepted behavior dignified honorable ancient weapons. This wind and Du strange demeanor completely opposite behavior in two decades, has caused a lot of people guessing and criticism. Liu fat fast operation began his cunning as a fox head analysis. Young zero a few days ago, we went out of town called 'unique in the world of ancient weapons.' This little girl, although only one star, but it is the heart sky high, claiming extradition would talk only descendants of the ancient common root WarriorThe dismissive. This little girl can be referred to as 'unique in the world of ancient Warrior', and by no means trivial figure. Yang's father, Yang Cheng-tao zero and Du wind extradition would then belong to the end, if Yang got zero clue what this living fossil dig Fiends from an unknown tomb is not impossible. Look Du wind tattered clothes is not yet completely destroyed, if not changed in two years, is it blocked in any place with the turtle breathing spent 20 years? Du wind is still driving a jeep straight face, Liu fat corner of my eye glanced several times with him quietly, were he in the eyes. He has been unable to start listening】 【days depending on, you had better listen to the voice of the body's blood flow, or not a problem. Blood flow velocity in just fat Liu suddenly accelerated heart at times, converted into body to armor clanking, he Nu Sheng said: '!! There he did not use that base, humanoid fourteen cents.' Horsepower tie mad laughed: 'Once upon a deal with you also need to come prepared for the sacrifice you have all three of you in my hands?!' Behind him came suddenly snapped loudly: 'Do it quickly tie horsepower, and they crap what a waste of time, it is.Of these ants, you will convene three of us from all over the world come here. Simply Zuigaiwansi. ' Horsepower was originally blue tie and his face was blue: 'Why do the three of you coming out ......' Horse riding panic tie occasion. Du wind and Xu Yuan exchanged glances, swift tragedy undoubtedly Gang Feng Gang Feng, horsepower tie last hidden strength, but also automatically exposed in front of them. Three seem to have grievances with a strong middle ground silhouette angrily said: 'Put all the cents are wasted in this so-called waste Independence Day who horsepower tie, you ......' Hp bar hopping almost angry, shouted: '! Tianshu mystery runner, who let you out of the land.' Three of the tie seems to be holding strong horsepower grievances, thundered out almost simultaneously. 'You idiot, do Once upon a time in the world to advocate arrogance after it? Do not forget your identity, the three of us who allow you to address him by name, inferior weapons C401!' 'Why did we choose from Quadruple inferior weapons do upon a spokesperson, the above is really unwise.' Horsepower tie teeth ignore these people, confident doing it the right decision, at all costs, it must first lock Independence Day Du wind. Du wind seemed to see through his mind, lightly: 'You really have done well.' Hsu was knocked to the ground far sudden weakness authentic: 'It looks like it so much, Du wind, you damn, why every time lying on the floor to play the role of both jade tree suave me, hurry hands.' Xu Yuan tone horsepower tie will startle a hop, then carefully looked at before Du wind, not only the ability to look no hands, but in the immortal's repression, even the top of red bad eel, a dish of braised shrimp, a dish salad pearl shoots, pound Trimeresurus, wine to drink for a while. Yoshio longer in Fujian, he wanted to go food, but also the fried shrimp jen, white sugar, fried fresh shrimp on bamboo shoots, Bian Shi Yan skin, braised fish skin, six silver soup-like lung. Yao too few people, called the Church of the letter and reported good dish, the waiter just reported two lute eat shrimp and chicken hibiscus Kyu, he heard two people talking outside the room, are the Beijing accent. One said: 'You say this enough fresh, it's something that will be four large living, his mother crab genus, Lenz will sideways to Britain! ' One replied: 'You are superfluous, impatient heart to do this, he was playing anyway, Pucheng, Xia this road, before the station does not serve them well as Zhao Ye, we Ge Jige, who points Who Who do under the same? only for paying the difference would have heard this strange nice restaurant, happy back rest, eating a good rice, catching up too late. I was in Fuzhou in recent years, with the tastes of the people you, what fishy smell, full heard mention how you a 'one said:'? I'd also improvise together, but that sort of thing to mention other looked easy, I really whispered these days, the heart of old indefinite . 'under the voice of a small down. Getting good husband, first heart, busy and Yao people a wink, sound lowered, the learned Min told the waiter: 'No newspaper, just pick up a good used that. Side up, sew curtains out by watching Discovery. I saw proximal far, sitting at a table close to the floor, column two. Opposite is a pockmarked, tall, dark purple-faced, forehead knife scar, thick eyebrows, such as brushes, two head fiercely outside shot, face Haoheng gas. Another person is also a long shoot Han, only some body lean than Asako, back lounge, unseen face. Although the late autumn when the south to warm, long regarded duo clothes off, wearing only a Jiaao pants are tight clasp close above, the following ribbon tied back, blue cloth socks