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filled, was surprised to find numerous red flame overwhelming, Pig blink of an eye will burn up around the middle. Where once Pig preparedness, although the repair is very high, it is already mid-Jin Sin, but do not know this unusual fire fire, but when the year Pangu, the opening day of the ax and chaos collided birth flame, for chaos spiritual fire, the fire can be a blessing for general comparison. Just listen to the sound of fire, screams rang out through the heavy fire, the miserable end. 'Xiandi, give him a happy now!' In the end is a bit of friendship with the town Motoko, the concept of God through the void, natural feel all large array, see the outcome had been determined, said quickly. That Zhen Fang nodded, Ni Wan saw a move, a haoguang rising fleet a milky Dinghai beads shine around the sky straight down to jiu their lives as if nothing will be able to see. Haoguang one, suddenly the sky purple stars together than down. Getting the fire pig called, sinking Dinghai beads seemed to see the fish cat, flying in general shot in the past, haoguang flash, suddenly that group received the flame inside, the void has emerged a Dinghai beads, glimpses of which now have an honest pig into, vivid. 'Pig!' Chaos deep, Samsung cave, suddenly sounded shrill screams, was surprised to find a monkey statue, the two drops of blood and tears faint down. Shook the hands of quasi-mentioned Taoist Qibao wonderful tree. Sigh: 'Today you kill him Young, the future you scrapping his apprentice for-one wants a newspaper reported that he have nothing to say..' Said the hands Guanghua flash, light flash on that stone, but See a Full Metal Jacket monkey emerged out of thin air, holding a golden cudgel, monkey eyes red. 'Master!' 'You're in the cave, and hear, the opportunity to go after their own revenge, if you go this time. I'm afraid that even you yourself can not hold.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist face expressionless. Tianzhushan on. Zhen Fang looked on his head hanging down under the stars and brilliance, has a road golden finished the Bashan and include hands, then they exit the crowd, whispered: 'This is undoubtedly the corpse Barry brothers killed, and we soon hadLe evil feeling, at the moment you can see Zixiaogong not that appear significant, Trinity for Gods of the matter, do not know how many times the search Zixiaogong where they found all the chaotic one, and no Zixiaogong trail. If want to sanctify Zhen Fang, do not get in took a wot Zixiaogong. 'Young, a hundred years of time has passed, when the cutting west Chen, since it has been a pioneer Gods income sects, in relation to action.' Taishanglaojun faint. Zhen Fang Laojun will know the meaning of the two sides have been Shushan dragged on for hundreds of years, Luzhou North all the Wu family in Temujin's leadership, has Daxing elephant, if we do not act now, I am afraid there is a risk of . 'Big Brother, just Hongyun Young?' Primus his face changed, asked cautiously. Taishanglaojun gently wrinkled brow, sighed: 'I do not know, but can be the dawn of stigma, its strength has not beneath you and me, but unfortunately do not yet sermon sermon in force. it is impossible to do it? 'Laojun words is not without reason, I remember how the Great God Pan Gu's tough, but still not to the power of the sermon, otherwise it is impossible soul into three, into today's Pangu three clean up. 'No matter what, the next four on the West St., when a lot of great grasp it.' Tongtianjiaozhu coldly. Although he is also very curious Zhen Fang things, but his body of honorable, even Zhen Fang strength far above him, would not jealous or something. Emptiness, Zhen Fang slowly break open around the endless chaos Gang Feng, now inherited the dawn of the stigma of where he should be afraid of what chaos Gang Feng, if he so wishes, perhaps with one powerful magic can open up one of the world come, although it can not be compared with the dawn of the year, but also non-general saint can be compared. Sermon was not still a thorn in my mind, desperation, only to find Zixiaogong get chaotic