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chase busy to move forward, grabbed and ate mysterious jade, whispered shouted:'! Master in the nave, do not you people see you at this time to catch up. go, pay attention not to teach you to get it! 'quickly clear edge tenor full length. Xuan Yu also like to see her intention to speak to the crowd before he said: 'Ray is a master old friends aunt, both her old primary, master certain quasi her sensibilities, Hugh said early step is inattentive had inadvertently small mistakes, but also will be lenient.  see her words before and after the match, exceedingly puzzled, had heard nothing. With the Heimo Le Xuan Yu and the others said: 'I lead the way in front of it.' Then, immediately went to the right side of the hole drilling rockery. Heimo Le etc. With the back, see injustice Diameter song narrow, dark scene is very excellent, if not everyone is a good vision, straight road to the enemy. Too steep in some places, narrow only tolerating. Up and down all around are protruding rocks Ah Lei, hinder passengers. Walked four or five turns, not yet out of the hole to go. Xing young children, could not resist: 'This is a dark cave difficult, since we might as well go over the wall antecedents refreshing it.' Clear edge laughed: 'You antecedents, the middle section to be around for a long period before the foothills, where trouble and how much closer the dark hard-line of the road, which is only five or six at the beginning of the beginning of your turn because the three antecedents?. students, not quick, so stuffy. sub a turn or two, piercing volt Cave, you can freely accelerated. A total of less than a mile halfway, impatient for what? 'said, the terrain suddenly turn tall. Black River, three children by a glimpse of the front wall into the shadow, like a lot of Pan, there are three cup size blue and purple starlight stop at the top, far ahead, across a row of bamboo scaffolding. It is the first case of suspected heart two of the lurking snake, the snake is violet Bright EyesThey may embarrassed. 'Tall, pale face red lady planted a big somersault, so he has to resign this Guanci, is to let go with both of you Zhouxuandaodi.'Futian Hao was shocked, sigh and said: 'Tan Compass is thereIs, as the death of pleasure, making also astonished, Tianchi Venerable Yi Tan said softly:! 'Miss Wu, Duron palace both men and women, in addition to martial arts outside Jingshan also are not afraid of dying madman also Because the underlying reason why it makes such a huge influence Duron house! 'Wu Yunshan asked: 'What method Duron saints actually makes these people do not order it?'Xuenv said: 'The truth is very simple, they take the art of picking up in their beauty, and the key to our comprehension of different cultivation, once in a year or two before the Withered and blood, not only can not beauty, face and aging much faster is fraught with problems, painful times, so they did not die a quiet, mostly before that time in the future, in order to die Kill solution, of course, do not care about being killed! 'Wu Yunshan hesitated and said: 'that is quite difficult to make them give in!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Off the martial arts moves in the United States and the United States already stronger than me, I'm only as good as the repair of internal forces, but they are holding hands with weapons, they make up for the lack of internal forces!'Xuenv said: 'Holy Duron set by three checkpoints often change, this was actually put the strongest lineup, showing that he still fears for us!'Wu Yunshan said: 'Duron Palace Palace always someone to break it?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: after 'Easy Calm martial arts supervisor took over ten years ago, around the head of school of martial arts have told us for help, saying that they often have young disciples disappearance happened, until now have become unsolved today finally get the answer! 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'It must be, and this is trying to lure blue Meng come, he has done martial arts supervisor, recruited candidates are naturally very convenient, if it spread it out, we would have to work together