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mountains and Lake, named fitness garden, flowers and trees rather pavilions wins. Because locals park owner surnamed Chen, all call it chenzhuang. Reed village Xianhuan imperial examination, only two years before they retire, both China and Shun Tong's family to pay, but also to Yi Qi thick. Shun China because home without incident, repeatedly invited him to tour Hangzhou write sojourn, were not to come. Shun first night received a letter sent by the people on the ship, said Shun Lai Hang with people met a couple days, that there are always two days before that, do not send people to meet, unexpectedly fast Shun privateers, there is no delay on the road, has been Since the arrival. Busy with Neijuan news report came out, the sun went in to pick up a couple people. Syria wide greeting each other, one by Jian Li seated. Reed village daily diet emphasizes all, own some generous hospitality. Confidant pay pro, reunion, talked to the middle of the night, the tenor of the Road placement. The second day, reed village called friends all over again, hosted a welcome home, Huan Syria a day. Shun Min Su old preoccupations half scoop Gua God, I'm afraid not much in Japan, the third day morning he hurried to the Lingyin with Yu's wife, Zhu Tianzhu Temple pilgrimage, reed village also accompany go with dependents rate. Etc. to burn incense, Shun China proposal to hire a boat trip on the lake handy way home. Reed village laughed: 'Today your wife will have to go hard for the days still long, brother have great hurry?' Shun China, and he said the inconvenience encountered a boat trip through the various wonders, saying only that it has been many years in the sub-dream hills, willing preview. Reed village heard, Mangming hired people to the lake boats, set a dish on the table, such as shipping, prepare quick tour day, Yefen then scattered. Two dependents Zuojiao to Lakeside, on boats, Ji Wei Shen's day. South to the warm, mild climate, Yang Wu starting ramp, clouds net sky high. Shallow lake waves, because the wind wrinkled waiting in these, you please! 'Hanako not neglect that middle-aged, crashed flying away.Wei Han Ying said: 'Mu Fei, I understand your intention, but you ask 'Qiongjia Bang' borrow one hundred experts, too fuss, seemed too have become.'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'No, Han Ying, not that much, when you looked good, and now it was dark in the woods waiting for it!'So, two people rushed into the woods with a focus day.In the woods looking for a clean lawn to sit down.Coke Uranus like to be beheaded on death row, the white face and said nothing.Yan Mufei looked at him and smiled, and said: '! Coke master'Coke Uranus surprised busy: '! Yantai Xia'Yanmu Fei said: 'Do not worry, I will not do anything to you!'Coke Uranus and said: 'That ...... Yantai Xia when they could let me go?' said: 'Tomorrow morning, tonight please focus Master wronged in the woods all night, tomorrow at dawn, you can stand up and walk yourself!'Coke Uranus and said: 'I'm still afraid to go to the messenger Yantai Xia children?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Coke Master, you know, the stakes, and went looking for him again DUANMU party can be difficult, I can not prevent a little.'Coke Uranus said: 'Yantai Xia, I would swear that I will not!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I will neither hurt you, why such a hurry?'Coke Uranus said: 'Yantai Xia, I'm not anxious, in good conscience, I'm afraid.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Since I will not hurt you, how can you be afraid of heart?'Coke Uranus silent a moment, nodded and shoved a white face, said: '!! Well I'll sleep a night in the woods right Yantai Xia, your kindness and I do not speak thanks!' said: 'good advice, the courage to change, the focus still admirable teacher, Gordon also has an idea after infinite blessing, I am willing to focus Master HE!'Coke Uranus and said: 'do not deserve it, and I am forever grateful Yantai Xia, also never forget the teachings and guidance of Yantai Xia today.'Yan Mufei smiled, did not speak again.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and