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you know that the island is volcanic, what time to be at the outbreak of it? You said earlier outbreak mean? 'Utah last words, a room like waves rushing like a mountain, the boat with the flood chamber toss, Lisheng Nan never suffered waves of how to ban Ann afford Danjue Venus chaos to take immediate, like clouds in general, quickly lie down cabin, his hands firmly holding a sack. boat with choppy, Lisheng Nan overlooking the internal organs seemed to be over. once great special vomit vomit, even overnight letter meal was vomit out. wave one marked with a bow , Jin Shiyi has become a drowned rat. Fortunately, he used to after the storm, immediately cut off the mast, remove the sail, calm helm. side of the use of 'extremely heavy fall' within the family skill, stabilize the hull. boat in turbulent rapids giant Among the several dozen circled finally off the danger, but the hull has been broken a few cracks, Jin Shiyi had accumulated to more than a dozen bags of rice and then blocked help up Lisheng Nan moaned:.. ' If I had known the storm so dangerous, I would rather not have anything perilous a secret martial arts. 'Sit up and looked up with. But see Jin Shiyi smiling, though drenched, it seems extraordinary happy. Li´╗┐'Yuwen Qiong Yao asked: 'Which of the house?'Yao Zhi Wu Yunshan hand a few feet in front, Yuwen towards Yu Qiong Yao Zhong said: 'The big brother, you cut off the tunnels leading to here!'Yu Zhong knowing, held the hammer between the two houses hit, but no signs of just hit some sand pit only, Yuan said: '! Give me the hammer, let me come.'Lift Shuangchui Yu Zhong, Yu Shi Yuan pick in hand, transports enough momentum built up, hit the wall towards the hut go, bang, the whole surface of the stone wall to collapse down! He also toward the other side, another road collapse hit the stone wall, the whole hut Tandao down, dust sky, Yu Shi Yuan feet in the ground a few points! Then come to a position, violently meal, sand trap legislation, emerged more than ten feet long, a long deep groove Zhang Xu, Yu