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Fire!' Sound of cannons will Zhen Fang woke up, all these SDF see between eight Qi readily ruined their comrades, where also what the other party is not reluctant to protect the country and the great God himself, on each helicopter miscellaneous kinds of weapons is not terribly down, where what unsparing. 'Ow!' Is heard shouts and the sound, Yamata no Orochi was apparently angered by this tickle provocation, seven head head head around the middle of a turn up, uttered a sound of shouts, an Shares green saliva spit out, soon ground dyed a pit, around the plant also will issue a Unit of smoke, apparently have been given the green saliva poisoned. Then in the middle of a head eight roar, suddenly faint nimbus now heads slowly floating up, 'bang' bang, suddenly launched into the air a few sparks Road, gave the number of aircraft that Nimbus crashed through the tank, even fried black clips are found. 'Zixiao God of Thunder!' Zhen Fang seeing, determined to try what is backing tis Nimbus, actually so powerful. Almost no monster afraid of thunder. Looking at the sky studded purple thunder cloud, eight Qi eight head slightly lower low, sixteen eyes filled with a trace of hesitation, a trace of fear. Although it is the beginning of knowledge speaks, opened the cross-bones, but after all, unlike the Divine Land repair demon who like or have heritage, or study with a teacher, or what adventures. Eight year just to drink a jug of wine Lianqi Xu from the East to find an island, so it had some knowledge of God, where there is any practice of Dharma. 'Boom!' On the airPurple Lightning finally fell down, with a surge of destructive force, ran over his head towards eight. 'Ow!' Eight Qi suddenly heard shouts, suspended in the head to grow into rain clouds suddenly kung size. His huge body just cover up. Zhen Fang awaiting sneer, was suddenly in front of the situation and saw that many to purple lightning strike on the rain clouds, as if every other shoe has no effect in the slightest about. 'Too bad it cow!' Zhen Fang jaw fairy wishful eyes flashed across a coldness, all creatures have the talent of their rights. Rather than the most basic rights to survival. Even in the face of a saint. You know not to do this, some have struggled. Good to win this unique powers. Wishful really cents is the case. Mighty person that knows Zhen Fang but when prehistoric. Perhaps under the sage, the most powerful in existence, if ever. I am afraid that it is impossible to face Zhen Fang. How far can certainly hide hide far, did not dareIts forged causal, but different now. That Zhen Fang to mean. Obviously to their own lives, how to make it. Wishful really cents again how cowardly heart is unwilling. The front of the Zhen Fang While people are known prehistoric existence, but from speech. Wishful really cents is not difficult to infer. Eyes to the power of the prehistoric past, then certainly been a catastrophe, but now it is the reincarnation of return. Therefore, although the name of the first loud. But in fact, still in their own land under their own ability. Combine a variety of reasons. Sin seems really wishful thinking to the prehistoric era strongman also lost a lot of awe. Once upon a very broad anyway, in addition to what the saints who can control the entire three realms, the three realms of plants and trees know it! As long as they stay away. Moreover there Beastkin Story Bull Demon support behind their own land, probably in front of prehistoric cattle have to be careful. Since the heart has made up his mind suddenly flashed the hands of wishful Jingou a crimson light. Chen cut his head on the DPRK over, if the lightning fast, do not know when to sell, just know that blink of an eye went to the front Zhen Fang, Fang Chen himself was taken aback. Pointing to the right. In front of the red Dunqi. Numerous lotus stand in front, who knows, it is very much wishful golden hook. I saw a red flash on the hook tip, but it has Zhen Fang HL hook to go before a flower, though only a short moment. It also had a trace of the time change, to be out