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into the abyss, the only outcome is destroyed. Du hand on the top of the handle the wind behind them. Purple countless points of light enveloped his body, then three thousand three hundred twenty-two overlap, the last only three. A spot embedded in force at the left arms, and the other two are embedded in the knee. Even has cool as ice Luan Du wind, the forehead sweat emerge. Independence Day cut air style, the most difficult to control is to have a third type of attack without proof. Due to the power of this type is too violent, after the attack opponents finished, infuriating the body all have the potential to be overdrawn nothing left. If the hair strokes who use improper infuriating. Even in the three type ongoing, and that they are strong knife swallowed a little too left. Du Daomang then cut open sea wind, with the [] of Jin Qiao blast Roughs now Daomang Hailie nature of blast Roughs already exceeded the capacity to break open Daomang sea, the only way, can only be a third type. Shendao chopped up in the scabbard howling mad. Du wind violently grabs the handle, began to force. Blade slowly rubbing white scabbard. Friction sound emitted by exceptionally violent, roaring like ghosts. Zhao Luan forced to figure with [Limbo] stopped in mid-air. Aghast looking to the sea wonders, Daomang seems to feel the wind in this type of strange Du, a large number of Daomang floating up from the sea, into the wind Du sprouts generally wrapped his sword in his left hand. Du wind speed is his sword. However sprouts Daomang touched his arm, it begins to break. Just think DU Zhao Luan sea wind will cut his sword when Du wind shadow slips dive and landed into the sea. When he contacted the foot of the sea. Full sea shiny silver Daomang have slammed fragmentation simultaneously. His feet to the sea, a channel is automatically separated. Deng air stare, his burly body actually started to bursts of cold. He did not know what it was knife, but with excellent intuition ancient weapons, this type simply has not yet desire to increase the power of the subconscious mind, muscles and tendons will quickly absorb all solutions, instant surge of power will make the ancientWu's body could not weather the bones burst and died, not the whole body. Deng did not resist enforcement of sentences, he makes all the enforcement of sentences were surprised. Sharon fruit is soaked in a solution of Deng, the body does not absorb into the salon a little bit of fruit stimulating ingredients, but slowly absorbing diluted out the best part. This way affect the absorption of power there is little need to show the results of the course of time, but the energy absorbed by the body was able to quickly and integration of real dollars, there is no adverse reaction. Many big fruit stimulate phagocytosis salon toxins ancient weapons power by leaps and bounds in a short time, after a period of time, side effects gradually reflected light can not break hinder poisoning and then on stage, heavy body organ failure, insanity and died. Deng followed, is to obtain the best results, play a hundred percent efficiency of the 'right way'! Shocked by this upper Deng appointed as the new commander of the training camp, 'hundred percent of the soldiers,' the name of the first spread like wildfire. Deng Du wind does not know the experience, otherwise relentless Independence Day may also have somewhat sympathetic. When the electromagnetic clutch shot, the Du wind to harness magic cocoon trained evil spirits, using almost identical methods and Deng, only absorb just pure evil spirits in the air, and give them the air of fierce hunting. Pubic region thus formed, although short is not strong, but it can be completely avoided had the power to destroy Eritrea fierce pubic region. If the fight in the same conditions, Tang Du wind absolute fear, at least there are thousands of ways to overcome it. Independence Day may have been caught in a critical situation now. Du Feng their acupuncture wind power only two stars, there is a full four-star Deng, they are all