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, presumably, would like to take the opportunity to cut in behind them on the knife. Hmmm, if they Fanshen and you wait for a war, these military Soul will take the opportunity to escape, havoc, so the right way in the popular transportation greatly reduced, if they do not fight, you will be applying a knife in the back, easily packed, but so? ' Ding et al cited heard his face flushed with shame, it is clear that they play with this idea, but do not know who is a white witch from large point out how not to feel Xiunao. Ding cited heart cursed and said:. 'Who said this witch human family are simple-minded, well-developed limbs role, in front of the main art of cunning, is probably the first of the three realms of wonder when he can aspect Divine, I heard that even hook Chen Dijun died in his hands. Today saw, really badly. Wu family had this person, doubling the strength of thin air, I am afraid. ' 'The older Muguangruju, juniors, etc. admire.' Constellation gods looks refined, whole body surging Stars, very elegant, does not know him, but I thought the other human gods in general. Adults, but Momen master who is also the stars gods! 'Strong elder Liang said softly. '? Stars angel' White coldness from his eyes light up, suddenly asked: 'You are named Dong Fu, or any other named see your body as if embroidered robes Zhou stars, and presumably is so? Naming it! ' 'Is what one can pass Zhou stars?' White plays big witch looked excited, he also wanted to take the opportunity to break open a big fuss in front, off the right way a pulse, the minimum should cut their air transport, when the Emperor's so in the future rescued startle scourge. 'Zhen Fang real but good luck.' Ding cited his eyes light up, a red fleeting. Although he did not know white from though to ask why, but Zhou stars can guess this big fuss on the front of the killing of God is very important, do not take the opportunity to lead the East troubles. 'This man is extremely virtuous, and resourceful, he worked in his own gate ZhongnanshanBy wind reached Du 'forget' previously owned by the state. Space surrounding the sudden gush a lot of metal particles, particle layers come together into a tower of Babel. Across the endless space to unknown distance ahead. Du and Yang Ying wind energy has the power to cut space, their weapons are invariably knife, but it is the general's bridge. Bridge Babel. Luo Feile silent, just resting his chin looked quietly at the side of the generals, in the realm of the Warrior realized that she was not help any busy places. Within willow days Kyi and 'God' still stay laboratory, Liu days Kyi continues to debug the nascent tree of life, to the 'God' Demos said: 'If you have enough to destroy the world's misfortune, you can use the tree of life to be adjusted, but to use, if used improperly, the tree of life is enough to destroy the world. ' She also 'God' demonstrates some operations, and then said:. 'You put the tree of life integration into the body, they can control it.' 'God,' nodded, turned into a ball of light into the life of the tree, the tree of life will soon shine on the fast, light-emitting countless trees bear fruit, fruit matures falling birth earth ball of light, again into the tree of life to start the cycle after several cycles, the tree of life has become fully integrated into the light like 'God' in the body. Liu Ji days can not help but secretly appreciate its abilities, nodded and said: 'You run it like this, and slowly learned the palmThis world. ' She proudly go, 'God,' but never pulled her behind. 'God,' the body into a tree of life, from a giant tree bear fruit, fruit after falling into a warm lab, internal facilities, Liu Ji days lost smiles: 'Do you want me to live in guidance here? Okay. ' From empty to day added a new life inside the walls, but but feel lonely. General issued to the metal bridge still seems to whip the space in search of God, he does not speak motionless nailed there. Liu Ji day is simply moved into the laboratory, guiding the operation of God in this world.