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to move around the giant, and we went to look for the pain and the golden master of Zen, saw them, and understanding to know a little clue. 'Feng Lin lead them to catch up brigade, had suspicions uncertain road, to know the drug is made with the Tianshan snow lotus shots Bi panacea, have only Tianshan Pai, who she had just three, about twelve people were injured as much, not enough distribution, so do not give them to take mind:. 'Is Xiao Lan and my sister came? But for them, who have so many Bi panacea? But if they are, why would they refused to come out and meet me? They are always stern man, but not so much with me to open a joke. 'Lin Feng is I either clever, just because she finds Jin Shiyi dead, one time did not think Kim Se this body. The original discovery of gold there. In three days, he peeked Liqin Mei several times, each time Liqin Mei is and Chung exhibition together, he spotted Raymond exhibition of feelings, but also aware of Li Qin regret to myself, though still a situation to Chung, Chung exhibition but also as close as brother and sister from the feelings of the two of them seem can be expected: as long as they do not show up, I do not know he is still alive in the world, a long day, the two of them is not impossible to become lovers because Jin Shiyi have this idea, so Mangshan tournaments on him. secretly helped the south, secretly helped Feng Lin, secretly helped Bingchuantiannv ...... Meng Shentong has always refused to show up with a match for his three days in the Tianshan Mountains, the way has also adopted a dozen Jiduo Tianshan snow lotus, made the thirty Bi Ling Dan, can not think, today sent a handy and saved the life of Wudang disciples: Feng Lin caught up after the brigade, and the pain of a Zen Master to talk about, not what they know to save her daughter, Tang Xiaolan did not come, secretly helped them Who, we all could not guess how Gu Zhihua, and Chung show these three encounters, became everyone's concern, but the enemy of the current, does not allow them to comfortably visit, with stone quarry working for a few days, hit a six-Qi Zhang deep tunnel, the water coming in from the outside and gradually eroded cave,´╗┐Said: 'When I met with them to send you in the past.'Sun Alberta nodded and said: 'Well, I'm waiting for the West campus-wide.' With Luo Yucheng strode away.Everyone who looked at the retreating figure, Zhao six refers to two children being shot two strange glory, suddenly smiled.A soft red big girl Ana Jiaoqu immediately rub it into the arms of Zhao Six-fingered children, throwing a flirtatious, smiles tenderly said:'Godfather, or you OK, ah, saying withhold Tan Compass, laughing Alberta has caught a Sun Tan Compass now nobody backing up, 'Red Gang' Zhangjiakou 'of this branch, but also seeing the collapse fragmented the future of this large piece of land that your child is not so! 'Zhao six refers to children around the arms, immediately press and hold the slim waist that round, goes the old head toward blowing shells Yupo Jiaoye flowery and near to come up, said: 'Fengniu Er, this world only you Most sweet mouth child, that time has come godfather personal seal hero, you say, just say what you want. 'Red big girl Feng Niuer not speak, where Mrs Johnson suddenly step gently coughed.'Hear no.' Feng Niuer looked up, and said:. 'Sister jealous.'Zhao Six-fingered children laughed, grabbed his right hand stretched it out again step Du Johnson, said: 'Do not be jealous jealous, baby child, there, there, is my godfather did nor did the two of you ......'This dice affectionate effort, seems to go beyond the proper intimacy between her daughter's godfather thousand, any who read will frown.But the thin man surnamed Cui was standing there with did not see like, half are commonplace, accustomed to.Six-fingered children suddenly Zhao hand lightly on the cheek eyes met, said: '? Fengniu Er, that thing children, you did it wrong.'. 'Can not be wrong, godfather' glanced at him - eyes and said: 'Do you worry, I hear it, see with that girl surnamed Shen said to me is credible and who is not