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from erosion of time, they are still sleeping wake up. She eat authentic: 'a kind of force does not attack the Emperor?' Yoo Ji-day exclaimed: 'Both of them are a genius!' And desire compared to forget the power can not be sustained, even if it can not be used to attack the Emperor maintain, Du Yang Ying wind and simply use them as shields to protect themselves, to suppress the desire of Heaven is like another invisible force. Habit and instinct. Research has been done, the monkey on an invisible energy shield, the monkey wanted to escape but rebuffed everywhere, simply does not move to sit down, and later investigators quietly removed the glass, but the monkey still stayed on. Pairwise forget themselves is that the layer of invisible energy shield, desire debris Heaven monkeys have become to be deceived. But who does not know when the monkeys can wake up. Liu Ji looked Luo Feile a day, Luo Feile also seems to understand. She worried authentic: 'how do we do.' Yoo Ji-day indignant: 'The restructuring of the world, ah, to find enough strength to deal with desire, although this force invincible, but it is not impossible to replicate.' Luo Feile biting his finger and said: 'If you can find a force that can fill the infinite space of desire, we can restrain him.' Yoo Ji-day applause: 'The wise now to extradite the two of us will be on the left, also left us both heaven and earth, to overthrow the Emperor's task upon us!.' Days walls knocked the door humming, Liu Ji and Luo Feile days are shocked, screaming hold together. There was a very classic horror novel: the last person in the world sat in the house, suddenly sounded a knock on the doorMy task is difficult to please everyone, I must point villain, but all plans, all from the Holy own plan, but I act in compliance with terms only, the worst is the Holy One asked me to Shushi yuan, who led here If a go ...... let me out. 'Duron Holy sneered: 'Are you sure you win?'Meng blue bow does not ring a moment before:. 'If I can not win, he wins, it is