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miles, at the moment is full of flames. , 'Haha, these little things, but also want to take out presumptuous, do not you forget my body yet?' Kongxuan laugh, toward the side of colored Taoist glanced and saw colored hands Taoist Qing Hui lupine, red flash of light, surrounded by hundred mile radius of the flame disappeared exhaustively not a trace. Red knot in a flash, then towards Wuchao Zen brush over. 'Humph!' Jackson suddenly Wuchao Lengheng, mouth revealing a trace of pride, I saw the sky flashed a Biguang, Biguang little bit in the air emerged numerous road Bise ghost, have towards colored Taoist. Colored Taoist suddenly face became pale, and said: 'six clean bamboo.' Stature of a move, but it is out of the scope of quiet shrouded bamboo. Biguang flash, fruit see Wuchao hands holding a bamboo Zen, it is the bane of six clean SG colored bamboo in hand Wuchao Jackson, flashing Biguang. 'Well, do you think your home master calculation of the powerful, but do not know, in front of prospective mention saints are like ants in general.' Wuchao Jackson laughed. Since Kongxuan saint himself out of the quasi-mentioned under the ban, quasi mention Taoist know there are today, personally gave Wuchao next six clean bamboo and Zen. At this time both players, with the pressure of the enemy to use the land, and perhaps the only Kongxuan, and there are six pure bamboo Kongxuan restraint, may be able to get a chance. Really, really Kongxuan right on the land pressure. Faced with six clean bamboo attack, his face showing a trace of sadness Taoist colored color, with a huge manaSmall space constantly hiding for fear of being hit by six clean bamboo. Miss seeing pressure, could not help but laugh, to today, only to find ravaged opponent is actually so happy. 'Senior immeasurable!' Burst of light in the sky, an enormous power and influence enveloped the large array, the weight can not move the immortal, the immortal shocked, have looked in the past, was surprised to find a man in deep sky shining purple, countless Now the