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up Pindao. What do you think? 'He seemed to eat given the Zhen Fang general, slightly mocking said. 'You're also able to represent the Roc Gouzei Pindao to end with the causal.' Zhen Fang momentum whole body changed, and vast Miao, their breath as if the surrounding air and blend with each other, although the naked eye can see, but did not know God felt slightly startled mind of Jesus, although other heart jing repair is not yet restored, but recovered memories of Red Cloud ancestors but have passengers in the year when Zixiaogong prehistoric momentum. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong today Daoxiong afraid I can not with you side by side in combat. Fortunately, though these guys a little means, but in the end can not be compared with you Daoxiong Jesus naturally Pindao to meet these henchman to stay with you Daoxiong the . off these people, in the world of you Daoxiong causality has, and I'll wait for the future to meet again in Once upon a. 'Dan Xiao Zhen Fang look toward the side to Xi Yi, who nodded. Xi Yi, who has already been to the words of Jesus to the stunned. Although Jesus appeared so everyone was surprised, but Zhen Fang to origin was more surprising, though I do not know how the origins of Red Cloud ancestors, but also know that Zhen Fang's past life is probably not a simple figure. 'Daoxiong?' Xiyi live a sweep of Jesus, his face showing a hint of worry. Zhang, asked, no wind, who also worried about looking Zhen Fang. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang hands hibiscus readily stick a draw, the sky suddenly emerged a strange gap, the swarthy, seem to have no idea leads to water and fire wind between booming out where faint, but No trace of Reiki full of them,The weight of an enormous pressure on everyone face flushed, as if unable to breathe in general. Jesus looked readily draw the gap Zhen Fang, his face but not the slightest discoloration of the hands of the cross also gently waved, also emerged a gap, the physique of a move, suddenly fall into the cracks, Zhen Fang sweep the human world one, sighed, Ni Buddha boy. Can be said door fading, of course, is part of the set of Heaven, but more importantly it is clear to the three internal discord caused. No wonder even the brothers did not say Tongtianjiaozhu on one, said only a cry Lier, angry, still visible in mind. Grand Master Xuan heart secretly shook his head, awaiting exit Bristol Palace tour. Suddenly, above the cloud bed, Tongtianjiaozhu and said:. 'No when you go to give you a ride brothers' Said and from the arms to take two pieces of black jade, turn Qingping sword taken down, hands together to no when the Virgin said: 'Then you went to the Qiantang River, the piece of jade send Zhen Fang people and that is called, then take to pay six streamers soul purpose.' mysterious Grand Master heard a happy face , could not help but worship towards Tongtianjiaozhu said: 'Thank you Shishu disciple.' 'You and withdraw it!' Sound while still cold, but the mysterious Grand Master seemed to hear a hint from one of blows, aPleased, perhaps where there is a trace of pride. But no matter how mysterious Grand Master knows the Pangu have three clear and good sign. But which also yet it less of a catalyst only. When the Virgin Mary looked down at the hands of non-black jade piece, mysterious Grand Master heart suddenly a move, but did not ask to understand, but not when the Virgin towards a ceremony, party leave away. By this time next drug Lu, Zhen Fang face solemn, though he is now the repair can say is leaps and bounds to describe three yuan will not only absorb the magic, even take Past repair also restored a lot. But anyway, but now face is not common to the role, but the Western Buddhist to a Buddha, then Tongtianjiaozhu subglottic disciples, in charge of the final cut to teach people life line, not only Daoxing, even magic is extremely powerful. And yet the two long, deep pass naturally without saying. If Zhen Fang Past naturally Needless to say, ten Budaha of joy can not be Zhen Fang to the opponent, but unfortunately, today's Zhen Fang turn robbery but returned Fang face flushing, soul shiver, with Shouyi Zhao, a red light into the hands, carefully looked exactly Fuso stick. 'Zhen Fang, today life you want to stay here.' Carter, as if a murderous would wrap themselves in it, can not move. This year it is that buried alive murderous shares 400,000 troops from the white hair, I saw him dressed in black armor, sword hero fingers, whole body black gas coiled, vaguely Black Dragon roll, bursts Dragons. 'So it looks like Haier, also wants the poor moral life, worth mentioning, today I let you experience the general good fortune Dafa.' Zhen Fang suddenly a loud shout, eyebrows a light, an inverted eye on it now, a milky Guanghua flow on it, everyone was shocked, pending any action, surprised to find that milky brilliance, the Mount He dove in its fixedIn his eyes glazed, exposing the color of despair. Distance to the truth to clearly see the monk, mind flashed bad, shoved a loud shout. 'Namo Amitabha.' If the sound of the bells big Lu, resounded throughout the sky. Being compassionate eyes which shone Mount Dove He suddenly was awakened, knew bad, awaiting to be prepared when it, blowing a red light, it Zhen Fang hibiscus cane over, awaiting dodge, Where can I have time, above the median forehead Bright red fire, wrecked brains burst and died, a relic pearls from the Ni Wan fly out relic among the looming fear of exposing the color of a villain, it is necessary toward the West fly. Zhen Fang see clearly distant, cold smile mouth, Ni Wan a move, fleet Hulu Kou red flash, suddenly the relic of income which, conveniently a shake, and close up. And that He dove Morocco last chance of survival are Zhen Fang to ruin, and that has long been scattered soul relic gourd refining into pure energy. Physiognomy monk Youjingyounu never gave identity, angrily: 'Zhen Fang, He dove Mount master and what are your hatred, you actually even he did not miss the last chance of survival, and so act as those Momen how can the difference? ' Zhen Fang suddenly heard back laughing, then