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column, column pressure is too great a hurry, put his two eyes are life and tumbled out of the eyes. At the moment in front of the blind, visually enhanced spades 5 suddenly felt a lot, piece of fine silky infuriating channels, it seems about twice expanded into his 'Pirates of the technology' control range. 5 of spades doing all the twisted hand into the infuriating channels, bang bang bang bang bang bang series of blood burst rang. This subtle infuriating delivery canal, actually contains such a large force Fan Zhen, the whole arm Spades 5 smash into pieces. Meanwhile, Du Dao Guang wind emitted for one dark purple. Daoguang dim diffuse through 5 of spades neck, his neck after a thick metal necklace cut into two, disappeared without a trace. Spades 5 is spare shock turned in his side frantically rub his neck, side shouted: '!! You said knife on knife' As he gasped get up, his mouth desperately thank God. Du wind that knife he approached death situation, actually just inspired his ultimate potential, and instantly break into a star. 'Pirates of the technology' also will be upgraded, just to wind grabbed Du infuriating delivery channels. Knife might be 'Pirates of the technology' to bridge the vast majority of the remaining small part in his piece to hang on poker token chain, chains are made of extremely hard steel, even put In stiffened by rolling gates will not be deformed or broken in two in the power of the next knife, but fortunately did not hurt himself. Du cold wind tunnel: 'You can go.' Then his consciousness into a completely dark. People around cheeky color terror, watching five of spades neck appeared a slight trail of blood, followed by a thin trail of blood thicker, until the head slipped down from the neck, bodySince going forward step by step, until planted floor go up. Du wind indifferent said: 'Unfortunately, you are too weak.' Pirates of the year before the magic Radial die, also captured Du wind infuriating delivery channels, and successfully to steal technology will no Chou Meng shocked, I suddenly remembered the legend on the lakes' murderous mad beggar, 'a stunt, can not help but cold sweat, DC! Only to hear Jin Shiyi laugh three times, followed by, said:. 'I advise you not to respect you if more respect it hidden weapon, I whim, but also fight with a hidden weapon, your suffering may be necessary to eat big, I was just apply a little skill, your three Tougu Ding knocked it, next time you respect it, I would be injected into your flying QiQiao it! 'So Jin Shiyi but from the mouth shot flying, the three Tougu Ding Lu Tao phosphorus which knocked the. Lu Road phosphorus remembered Jin Shiyi said rivers and lakes can Koupen lethal stunt, scared cold sweat, DC, the heart and said: 'I had only God as they lumbered their say, and now seeing really no false name..' Imagine Flying very light weight, and even be able to touch down Tougu Ding, and whether this flying silent, very difficult defense, but this is a skill, have to shock the world startle vulgar point! Lu Tao Jin Shiyi phosphorus is a scare, and she did not dare to respect shader. Cho parent company of this effort, in addition to steal hair hidden weapon outside, still shoot, fight, lock, take, bombs, dial, pressure, sending eight law, in addition to eighteen weapons dreams, Lu Road phosphorus waved watched so clearly and logically, and Wu Chung Show Tianshan sword given the ball, although limited to age, skill level of attainment are not yet enough, but also exquisite and extraordinary, fighting together three together, both offensive and defense, although not yet been able to pull into a tie with Jin Shiyi, already just did not like the root of a tight corner. Jin Shiyi battle suddenly turn verticalLaughed: 'You really do not know good or bad mangshan send you the head of the senior sister apprentice still owe me a favor, not thanks, now you hit me with a hidden weapon again, I look at the Lv Siniang copies, do not want to be with you care, now grew more and more gas, well, I would tentatively be lenient, it is only hit your ass feel uneasy. Meng Shentong revenge would like more and more people on the rivers and lakes, I want her to become a master door Touch of Zen, good redeem the sins of her parents, much deliberation, a world of only Lv Siniang is enough heroes ethics group leader happens Lv Siniang also visited my master Jiazhongzuoke, seen this girl. Lv Siniang liked her, saying that she gave birth by nature. So until she was eight years old, my master, I will send her mission Mangshan, pleading Lv Siniang took her as a disciple. My master said, if Lv Siniang questioning from her history, you would say. . After I met with her Lv Siniang, Lv Siniang word did not ask, no refuse, put her accept. I have children in this case, after afraid to say, is made anti-good. Therefore, since Lv Siniang do not ask, I do not say. As for the future to Lv Siniang ever mention my master, I do not know. 'Cao Kinji:' I Lu aunt is better educated, aware of propriety, his life to act, without the slightest flaw generation of heroes, and if so to know that she was the daughter of the Great Satan Meng Shentong. Qiken her shelter? Valley are friends also did not want to come to her said the. Members with the door, that she is not considered an enemy of the daughter of the door, just to let four Shishu reputation during his lifetime, do not let a martial arts Public Enemy's daughter to do her inheritor, tarnished the reputation of her life! 'Gu Zhihua surface burst red burst of blue, close to tears, said:' Master senior sister apprentice, I asked myself, and have not done things that tarnish the reputation of the master. 'Cao Kinji said:' There is no, how can we know there is no future? Your parents are like that, how can I believe you have had? Moreover, now you already know that your father born of the body, when he was in Japan and Meng Shentong afterwards the door, you have a daughter with his feelings, how can I be assured to be the next? Now you did not before? 'Gu Zhihua said:' I am on the inside, whether my master Speaking of, I do not know. But