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come here to occupy one dares' Zhao Yi Kuang said with disdain: 'This Tianzhushan this is the finest of the practice, but it is Dongsheng Divine He and West Africa among cattle, but the doors of this site Dongsheng Divine, while the West African cattle but Buddhism He Tulv gang turf. This is for jambudvipa peep do not know how many years, but on the one hand This West African cattle He does not know how many of the monsters, and two Buddhist and mutual scruples, who dared to rate advanced the jambudvipa probably will cause both sides of Rush, so jambudvipa always take indifferent attitude, one life guard Kaifeng brother. And also ordered the generals Xiaoyuan Shan Buddhist guarding Daxing City would jambudvipa isolated outside the two-door, but also vaguely suppress the development of jambudvipa. Tianzhu Although plenty of mountain Aura, but the door but no one dared to come here Leekpai mountains. On the one hand the human fear of Buddhist opposition, but on the other hand, this jambudvipa Yaozu numerous, and even to establish the country, these people do not want to get involved in two Buddhist jambudvipa. So this will become a tripartite Tianzhushan think too but was too bad place. Tens of thousands of years, no one dared to occupy this Tianzhu Mountain. 'side Kuangyin nodded. Zhen Fang Lueyisisuo, suddenly smiled and said: 'You two talk about the good fortune I were able to occupy the slopes?' Then a sweep of the two. But do not speak. Kuangyin heard frowned. Suddenly categorically said: 'This mountain but Tianshou teacher thing, called Tianshou, the teacher does not take, then asked for their evil.' Zhao cable side for a moment, looked Kuangyin a square cautiously said:. 'Disciples would think, at the moment if the teacher is probably not the time to occupy this place if the teacher is not the first time in the city until the teacher refining some magic magic Dacheng in here and planted a big fuss. plusThe teacher to supernatural magic, nature can occupy this place, even if others come to robbing, bar Zhen Fang also Jinmang parcel, a mysterious wave of momentum from heaven, iron bars as landslides, such as to crack, with a loud roar, sprinkle crashed down. Large array, white Garnett seeing shocked, awaiting rescue, where they come from anxious. Mercy now, Garnett tick yellow glimmer good heart, so-called human nature is good, wolves also do so. Although Huang Garnett quickly awakened, but master blows, the moment can be a winner. I saw an iron bar down from the air, knocking over Langtou, like knocking on the watermelon, knocking apart. A yellow soybeans Daikin nedan fell down. With Shouyi Zhao Zhen Fang, suddenly fell into the hands. 'Want to play?' The cold air of the Zhen Fang looked around. Originally composed by five wolves battle, now dead, a wolf, a battle broke naturally, light fog among figure emerged four years, eight eyes, flashed vicious light. 'Boy, you really badly. But you think you can run out today?' White Garnett looked ferocious Zhen Fang removed from the arms of a small chime come into gold, do not know what things are made white Garnett gloomy DPRK Chen smiled, holding his right hand chime, and even knocked down three or four. Zhen Fang just felt countless small chime sound in his ears, Zifu among more than rampaging soul, away from Jiyu. Restless mind, a splitting headache, like a knife in general. Cloud stature can not help but fall head. It turned out that in the hands of the white backing of Garnett is also a little treasure. Huanzuo chime headache, but when the Gods of the year, the Ministry of the four blast of magic messenger messenger oriental four weeks of the letter, of course, in the hands of the baby naturally white Garnett is not the original goods, barely considered a fake it. But nevertheless, fakes also made according to the original appearance of genuine, although it can not play the power holders, twelve percent of the power can still play. Rao is the two into power, but also to eat Zhen Fang countless headaches. Looking at the sky Red Cloud tamper evidentZ you the aftermath of the accident are yet. At least I am also worried that they will deny our credit. You think, Simon Makino, what else these people kind? His ambition to make the world martial arts figures implicated in exchange for the emperor raised him, in the future, not only do his royal seal of geochilmaru, Ouchi guards and Guards also try to be under his command of command, he placed his own people do not ? Your relationship with him I have two relatively sparse in the end, I am afraid that in the future he will be subject to the total exclusion. 'That,' Korea Big Brother 'and said:' You have to consider very insightful. No wonder he refused QD please Geng duo of pure. Even Meng Shentong should be punish off. I forward, which is not only elixir, more vital after his jealous Meng speaks skills, fear unites Meng Shentong, Meng Shentong more was the emperor reuse. ' said:' Simon Makino course this thought, but Dai Qin Geng pure duo wanted to make Meng Shentong used for the emperor, that is whitecaps bother, Meng Shentong this man really is the world's most arrogant man, though he bent dominate the martial arts, but it's not with the power of the court. I am afraid that in his mind, but also do not think highly of the emperor raised him. If he so easily into the shell, then I had hired him for the emperor. 'That,' Korea Big Brother 'and said:' No matter what, we in this job, finally do get smooth, Shoudaoqinlai WestWhat we can say Makino door? To deny our credit also can not deny! Unless he dare we assassination. 'Bailiang Ji said:' He has not so bold. But this went to the capital, as well as four days. Friendship Tianshan Pai's widest, we still have to be careful everywhere. 'That,' Korea Big Brother 'laughed:' Do not worry, the carriage stopped in the outside courtyard, I already have a schedule, there are even signs of trouble that promise, hiding from our eyes and ears. 'Jin Shiyi Zhefan overheard their conversation, the ins and outs of these people have been clearly tangible, secretly surprised, mind