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fellow. English pine frowned, can do magic, those clouds can either be a god coming, or is otherwise occult. In front of the people, all over the body but not the slightest fluctuations in real dollars, but also seen Xian Qi-filled, apparently notSin came, but of God himself in the middle of it see through each other's actual situation, it is very strange. Present also salute and said: 'Road qualification unbearable shame for Laojun sects touches fellow, huh, repair to advanced, even the seasoned do not see the slightest bit of good fortune to live the actual situation really extraordinary...' Zhen Fang smiled, his right hand over the pages, emerged in a pagoda, the British loose surprised, awaiting speak, suddenly there came a cry among pagoda sound. 'Master, fast help me!' Looked carefully, but it is his disciple huaqiu sects, are trapped in the pagoda being not out. Present face changed, said: 'Zhen Fang, which is why why mess with you my disciples indeed is an evildoer, killing three royal son does not say, but also tried to kill me Shushan disciples, and you are not afraid of me Shushan thousands?? people kill it? 'stature of a dynamic, two-edged sword above his head emerged, the blue Jianmang about Zhang Yuan, when the throughput of Jianmang, including Jian Qi and go, like the silence before the storm. Zhen Fang is still a trace of amiable face, pointing to the right, the town demon Tata mouth opened, a figure would fall down, followed by a Jianguang shot, but it is fast Sword Hua Qiufei into their own camp. 'Teacher, is this evildoer, not only kill the disciples, but also an insult to me Shushan down, I decide to ask the master.' 'Huaqiu, this town demon tower, but you Shushan ah?' Zhen Fang Lengmang his eyes shot a so-called honest disciples, but so, too insolent, even the basic Lianqi guidelines are not. Founder of the bully, the bully Road, the heart, the next bully conscience. Such people can actually monasticism. 'Pop!' Yingsong mercilessly dumped huaqiu a slap in the face, after all he is