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everyone felt the hall outside an air DangqiRipples, suddenly come out of a young Taoist, dressed in pale blue robes, little stars on the robe, purple flashing, very bright, with a single step flower clouds, slowly over the region. Wind Danyun clear, without the slightest anger. 'Red Cloud!' While the other has been the reincarnation of millions of years, but they clearly feel Kunpeng opposite the young Taoist who have breath, not the year of the Red Cloud Taoist is who. Over the years, then left a hint of the true spirit of Red Cloud has always been the heart Kunpeng, therefore millions of years, said the industry is not much sophistication. Getting Red Cloud reincarnation has a mind is uneasy, therefore even if not, they can only tell by the Nvwaniangniang, assistant land pressure Taoist, and made a demon army. Until today Zhen Fang finally see this moment to feel the fear. 'Meet the Red Cloud ancestors.' The first hint of sadness in the eyes of the mountain Aries he hid millions of years, today finally to the head, and just do not know the future between heaven and earth as well as the first mountain Aries No. Zhen Fang sighed, and said:? 'Although I have not shot to kill you, but you also because I have been to kill others, even if you Pindao owe favors to a brother of the future you personally Aries into my door, what do you think.? As Kunpeng, you do not kill him, I will kill him. ' 'Well, today I will be taking you.' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic surge of murderous filled heart, even both eyes turn red, but it is hatred of millions of years, but today was a broke out. 'You never look like is this, when not qualified, just a large Luo gods, what qualifications must obscurity Purple sage dignities home of the virtuous person, what you qualify for Red Cloud, on the qualification of cultivation for me Kunpeng Which as you. 'ink cloud among Kunpeng of a prototype, but it is a big Kun, on which thousands of miles around. 'Bang!' Was surprised to find a purple cloud thunder down from the air, about