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down, they really consume too much power, inevitably suffer. Chan Meng Shentong secret this side of the Master came out, Lin Feng smiled and said:. 'I find my head to the' wait for the challenges he named, stature flash, immediately to the field of heart, fast agility, the indescribable! Lin Feng is the world famous predecessors Woman, a play they reveal this hand from the wonderful dodge, factions disciples, lift your spirits. Master Chan dense palms Dangxiong. Shi a ceremony, said: 'Thanks to the Woman allowed to teach, how to Kozo Truly a test, please see the show Woman..' Lin Feng thought for a moment, smiled and said: 'Thank you warm, let me out of the question, but I do not want to take advantage of you, just like you do best track picking skills to master than the right, you are Buddhists, used to sit futon, I would ask you meditation effort, 'everyone is surprised:.'. How can meditation compared with the martial arts to compete 'I saw Feng Lin Yi meal, pointing to two trees, said:'?. zazen nearly as good effort on the futon, we flew into a tree, the first to fall, as soon as regards transport forcing the other fall, you can either cast with what means. 'Everyone listened, knew by the name of Lin Feng is a test of meditation, in fact, Que Shibi superior martial trial, does not prohibit the other attacks. But see two trees, a number of feet away, a lot of powerful force Pikong Zhang hit so far, unless it is with a hidden weapon, but the people they know, like Master and Feng Lin's secret internal organs have been to the first class realm, never use hidden weapon. Master secret faint praise, said: 'Woman wing, dare nonadherence, please!' Feng Lin also welcome, little toes, and immediately flew to the east of that tree, and she intends to show off skills, picking up a cross sticking out, only ordinary candle-like thickness of the branches fall, she sat cross-legged in a tree, the branches just gently shake a bit, then still, as if attached to the branchesIs a person just like a dragonfly, this and other how to catch the Law ' said:'? This is going to two or more people for the job, and we happen to be at least a few, for example, you go first, I would expect when you are going to eat again, if one find your seat, immediately large drink soon, his sword and rushed it to you! to find a way you have not found, it will kill you can not look at non, I'll see you soon filled with pale, fell dishes before fleeing, I to give up the chase, then on the right, but the next time, it is my turn to eat you chase it. 'Baoshu De rush forward again chase, chase out of town unexpectedly mouth.Block woods outside the town of Long Liberating ie standing forest edge.Liberating really a twisting dragon, and then just the opposite for the elderly, only five feet away, I saw him hand over the old man nodded, 'old man on this unfamiliar place, you always have something to say please.': 'Young people ?., you name this is Barry Howe, why it was changed to Long Liberating decrepit important reasons, need to check into that, 'Long Liberating haha ​​laughed:' Long Liberating IFirst light fell down. Then Rays scene, all kinds of light fell down, carefully a few years, there are as many as dozens of people, all have anti-false god of strength or of late. 'White Wolf demon king seen the big witch predecessors.' A pale. Silver-white hair middle-aged man came out. Worship Road. 'Hey! You're the demon king demon king not to say it but the Lion King? Even if he has been soaring, and this time the main industry is Yaozu Shan son. How called you.' Elders look good strong one change. 'Lion of the robbery failed, with the help of The Lion King Tiger degree robbery when, the tragedy has also been crippled. So this Yaozu already disposes of the king.' White Wolf hint vicious triangle eyes, aches and real dollars of a dynamic, an enormous land Yaoqi overwhelming, strong good witch clan elders and other elders rushed look pale. 'Your real dollars, how will?' Benign elders face strong shock again, five wolf Garnett have much strength, natural Zhao Luan, Luan Zhao already lost their lives . But Zhao Luan no longer valid, she saw the ring under Du wind injuries completely healed, she glanced Deng. Who does not know that a hundred percent of the strength of the soldiers now how strong, but Tan and Xu are based on their own identity with the younger generation in the wind around Du, Deng's goal, but always as a rival Du wind exists. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a part of any users hit, the effect is the same, body parts Zhao Luan and blue quicksand contact immediately assimilated, being eaten by blue quicksand. Just then, a burst of subtle whisper passed Zhao Luan ears. 'Zhao Luan, you can win MR This is the voice of the wind Du, Zhao Luan groaned:.' Gong, What can I win? ' 'You must win, Gracie jujitsu essence, that everything will melt as part of the body, but Xian Qi, never become part of the body.' Luan eyes stare, as if just awakened long confusion. The first thing she did - remove all preparedness. Vaginal bleeding constitution to lift the knife marrow contacts around the bodyFive elements of earth contact strength, despite his body, immersed in the green terror treat the bite of quicksand. MR:.. +, And sister. ' 'I am the successor of Yang Ying medical saint.' MR\u003e |. International organizations, in a variety of weapons and combat rampant super ancient weapons on the battlefield, while rescue the wounded of both sides, is almost equivalent to suicide. Weak are always being bullied, MR v Zhao Luan first sentence is:. 'Not to show weakness.' After Zhao Luan enough endeavor, MR |:., And then as an enemy presence. Luan Zhao's body have all been converted to liquid, but in the moment, MR. Produced a mutation. MR:. _ Body. Xian Qi brutal nature, away from the MR Gracie jujitsu most stressed unity has been destroyed, Zhao phoenix out of the role of jujitsu and regeneration. In MR: |. MR :. far injected gas, Zhao Luan hugged his way, happens to be able to continue to sustain this state techniques. Gracie jujitsu esoteric. Stagnant air lock