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to Lin Feng, people do not know who he is, but he is relying recognized a man, it is the command of the Guards common phenomenon than the common phenomenon of the day is the ability we all know, although children are not considered top tip of the characters, but also among the first class of the column almost, and now the man was hit Shoudaoqinlai And come and go, adding unhindered, this and other strange things, who really is unexpected, even the Zen Master, including pain, all of them are scared! Uproar in the crowd shouted addicted noises, the man galloped down from the hill, a Shaolin disciple rushed forward Guinea arresting the man suddenly Chen Sheng said: 'You're this guy just as I use! 'One hand has already' Mercy Jackson Eighteen, 'the head of the grab hands. He buttressed by a common phenomenon of skill is still very agile, Shaolin disciples source array block, one was actually even his clothes are soiled vain! Then Don is also recognized by the day this person was rescued Lisheng Nan mouth of the man, for fear of his father unfavorable, a bayan three Tianshanshenmang it bursts! Buttressed by the common phenomenon of the man single-handedly, a hand bell convenient, being jumped from the hillside, Tianshanshenmang more like lightning, and his toes touching the ground yet, God Mans already hitting his vest. Stone generally dive down, now fall below the Huai liuquanfeibao into the pool! Wow cheers and cries at once into a chaos, some people are just for himWonderful agility, but now I drink out screaming, some people are falling for him and exclaimed pool! Zen people by surprise on pain, heart and said: 'This man absolutely, and I'm afraid that far Tang Xiaolan, presumably he can put it in one fell swoop knocked Tianshanshenmang sticks, made with regard to so severely?' On In the crowd screams, the man jumped from the lake, the body of water dripping, still in one hand and the common phenomenon of hanging out, a hand and easy to hit, flying down the mountain! Jiangnan see this man was not injured, tenor solution of insanity.'Wei Han Ying said: 'girl, you, you want to do?' said: 'Sister, I want to extract the cup for him, the solution 'gold silk cup' Only in this way, only a yin and yang intercourse, poison cup simultaneous solution, or else I'll tell my sister method, please do it my sister, my people called to see him. 'Then, she looked down.Wei Han Ying Zheng Zhu.Yan Mufei bed startled, his eyes closed tightly!Wei Han Ying Biechu a long while before: 'girl, no other way solvable 'gold silk cup' it?'Jinyu Qiong plaintive smile, said: 'Sister, if there is a second way, not in front of my sister ......'Jiaoye red, shut up without saying yes ah, to have a second option, who would take her virginity to go home for a person cup solution, especially lights, in front of people, and more shame!Han Wei Ying mind shock, said: '! Girl, he, he's not willing to'Jinyu Qiong shook his head slightly, and said: 'Sister, do not worry, it can not help him, and I have a way to let him ......'Chest clasp hands untied, revealing a large white, delicate, warm greasy, glistening breasts! Wei Han Ying hurriedly look towards the side, said: 'girl ......'Jinyu Qiong like not to hear, Mai Buxiang bed and walked! Yan Mufei hear clearly, the hearts of a radical, blurted:. 'Girl, please do not approached, or else I would rather Jiaoshe unwilling to alienate'Jinyu Qiong really stopped step, eyes looking at the bed Yanmu Fei, said: 'Mu fly, you open your eyes to see me!'Yan Mufei eyes did he figure startled, anti closed her eyes tightly! Jinyu Qiong said: 'how do you this great family man, dignified Angcang footer seven feet, the sky's the odd man, when the Bank said most of the 'Dragon US Hawker', do not even look the other way a weak her family did not have the courage to do?'Yanmu Fei suddenly said: 'You do not shock me, and I was afraid to admit!'Jinyu Qiong smiled and said: '? Why do you refused, I was afraid that the posture of the base body salicylic unworthy of you.'Yanmu Fei said: 'No, I am grateful for your kindness, onlyI do not sailing in a sea of ​​endless. There is no trace of the ship invisible specter is murder, even if the wind Du kill ghosts, they will also be buried in an ocean. Even used to see the strange scene kinship boy, also trembling: 'The ancient ...... ancient weapons hidden in where?' Du wind indifference and said: 'Just at your feet.' Du wind shadow as a rock-like nails in the emptiness, the displays have been used precisely once in the green city in the ancient martial law! - [] Ordinary ancient weapons Limbo Limbo, only to comply with the trajectory of the air flow, float trip. But [Independence Day] Du wind, and he is the world's most powerful gas field, not only can fly freely in the air, also successfully hold up three companions. Turbine blades continue roared, but still can not afford to bring a clothes Du wind. Du wind hull seems to be due to the strength of terror and fear, sent a roar like devils. Du wind himself: 'some meaning.' His sights on the steel wheel,Each part of the ship began to dislocation movement, turned into a sharp knives and iron pipes, issued Guixiao like sound. Strong airflow throughout the entire hull crazy running around the track, it is a four-star ancient weapons in order to have the gas, its strength and chewy still a hundred percent [soldiers] Deng above. Du looked cold wind surging ship, things start to get a little interesting. Two decades, the world really changed too much in the role of radiation and Xian Qi, some twenty years ago and can not imagine dreaming of ancient weapons appeared. Kinship juvenile already become more pale complexion and white, like trembling and said: '? Ancient Warrior exactly where to hide.' Du wind lightly: 'You do not see the ship itself is ancient weapons?.' It's driving force, nature is almost always the 'gas'! In addition to the four winds on board DU has no living, including the other three, including Liu fat are stunned, unable to understand how a ship will be the presence of ancient weapons. After World nuclear explosion,