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before, the other authentic line is far above their own duo of. 'Thank Daoxiong.' Kun Yuan fairy king quickly restored over, after all, this is the Crawford deep person, but also a master of their own son, the more powerful this master himself to his son also have a good opportunity to follow up. 'I'll wait for the intersection for many years, but this is just a little effort.' Zhen Fang waved, smiled and said:. 'Touches you two have a good opportunity for thousands of years female guard Yan, the boundless gratifying ah.! ' Kun-yuan fairy king and trees demon looked at each other, a hint of a smile on his face, that they have some sympathy though Jingwei, but more because the two can not leave this island, even those with many small East China Sea Dragon King II Prince, is not their own and other people can resist. If not this strange island, fear adjoin two people would have been this Dragon Prince are eating. 'So cute, but can really make poor moral disciple.' Then on the right hand shot a golden light, according to live Jingwei, said: 'At this point do not borrow now, when.' Carter, only to find fairy king Kun Yuan in front of glaucoma flash, it emerged in a five-year-old little girl, wearing a double-head, Pink toot little face still a trace of terror color. 'Meet the Teacher baby girl.' Restore the original body of Jingwei soon understand is who saved her, and help her recover the body, and quickly thanks to the down. 'Daoxiong, she was the daughter of Emperor ground?' Chen Kun-yuan fairy king square for the apprentice to charge baby girl, her face changed, after all, the identity of place here to Wong who is almost equivalent to the existence of the saints. In his view, Zhen Fang though Daoxing great progress, but only just. . 'Haha, Pindao not only received the emperor's daughter, also received a Polaris God, oh, that is the future of heaven large revere as apprentices,' Zhen Fang is laughing, pointing Kun-yuan fairy king said: ' is your future, this great revere met you, and not have to kneel