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teacher to copies, I can also put you a way out. Otherwise, they can not blame me ruthless. Do not treat me as other people, other people are afraid of your home teacher, I was not afraid, because I also have Master, and my master supernatural magic still far above your home teacher, though, is how can a saint, but also between the wave, you can destroy it. 'said Tu Sword hands shaking slightly, to see the endless glut of evil spirits the whole world, but if there are numerous evil beasts to run. Have claws, can bite everything before it. Dragon and longevity duo face became pale, golden jade wind though no shot. But the means unfolded inadvertently, you can let the two scared, their magic Daoxing or second most important thing is that the hands of the sword, must be wicked and wild things. Even today, did not see the difference between the sword, but was able to feel the sword is probably not a simple Zhebing innate Lingbao. Perhaps the same presence zhuxian sword. 'Fire come.' Longevity stick a finger in the hands of hibiscus, a red-orange flames as a rocket shot in the past. Then Dragon Pearl hands side also shot a white, like black gold soaring, stunning eyes. One red and one white intertwined, bright if the dragon, and instantly went to the front of the gold bi wind. Jin Choi, the wind was surprised to find not dodge, just laugh, slowly waving hands Tu Sword, a blood-red light flashed. Where is the rocket in front of white. Have to be absorbed by the blood-red light, transforming the way the Legend Tu Li gas. 'Chile!' Longevity in mind and there is no surprise. This means even if the other party can not be rightAfter Baili Chao said: 'do not pay the government office to send troops to guard the carriage, then four Han Danzaibuxiao, we look for where they settled in, do they have the collusion of people rushed to fragmentation.'Little beggar said: 'Xin Yue is a state Shanxi, Xi'an House ranks of prisoners, four Han certainly will not surrender; but they should be night-Benz is a long time, more problems the car, hit the ground floor is cool on the outside much.Outside playing ground floor of the cool, but the two men entered the tent Compass Tan put up a tent to cover himself to be covered with a sit, waved and said:. 'Sit, sit down and talk.'Into the tent since then, that lanky black passenger surnamed Dong to put a respectful look, at the moment he should cry Christine sat down cross-legged.He sat down, Tan Compass lift his eyes, said: 'Governor handsome adult sent you?'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'brought under the letter that you had a look.'Letter drew a wax seal probe pregnant, hands on increasing India handed over.Tan Compass wax seal a look at this letter, the increaseIndia will know this letter is no trivial matter, God immediately clear a Su, both hands, opened the letter, out of stationery, letterhead seven red writing has appeared in the light, 'Zhili Governor with letterhead.'Compass Tan took the lamp from start to finish on the letterhead read it again to see Albert, on the letterhead goes lighted lantern, a mass firing of ashes.Looking letterhead goes straight into a group of ashes, he looked up and said solemnly: 'This case is not already given commandment charged it?'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'the case is already given commandment charged, and jail inmates in prison in the Board of Punishments, afraid he winged fly, but he had a daughter ......'Compass Tan said: 'I know he had a daughter, made it clear that the letter, but this is not the case when the 'Flying Guillotine' do, and how now the head of the Viceroy of Zhili fall?'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'Father, the letter did not say it?''Did not say.' Compass Tan said: 'If the letter said, I have to ask you.'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'Well, I heard the door of his daughter has been hiding in the year after slipping through the net off outside.'Compass Tan said: 'I understand, just this time I was in customs, so put it on top of the case referred to my hands up.'The was not as good as people Guo Yuzhu ......' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, I'm here for you, once ruined me, you will regret it ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'I'd rather regret, not to mention I do not regret anything!' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, you can not, you want ...... you might as well kill me ......' Guo Yuzhu shook his head and said: 'No, I do not kill you, I could not bear.' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, you ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Do not say, let me try.' Proudly forced over. Yu Shuang aghast retire, heart shaking her body trembling, speechless Xiangchun flaring, but did not say a word. Guo Yuzhu sneer, said: 'Guo girl, now GuoPearl has been a non-previously Guo Yuzhu, you can not hide, do not believe you try. ' Raising his hand grasping micro void, Yu Shuang a Jiaoqu suddenly rushed forward one. Yu Shuang aghast and said: 'Amanda, when did you learn ......'  said: 'Just after leaving Kuo, if I still Kuo, a lifetime to even think about the effort to learn this body, never get into this realm, for it ......' terrifying smile and said: 'Now you The captive believe it. ' Yu Shuang not passed on to hide, perhaps something unexpected overawed her, she said: '? Amanda, are you whom to learn.' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Then you do not have to say, anyway, will not be Kuo people.' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, you did not think you'll regret it, I will not escape, and any of you, Amanda, you will regret it, you ruined me, destroy yourself ......' Guo Yuzhu sneer, said: 'You know I'm not listen to them.' Yuehua Jian, he pushed in front of Yu Shuang, raising his hand would grab. Yu Shuang beautiful eyes opened, breathtaking majesty, shouted:. 'Slow down' Guo Yuzhu a shock to stop, and said: 'What say you?' Yu Shuang said: 'Answer me a question, how do you know that person is Li Kewei the Drum Tower?' Guo Yuzhu said: 'In this time to mention that he does not dislike unpleasant it?' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Unfortunately, at this time you have to listen to me, I did not have to listen to you.' Grabbed Yu Shuang Xiang Jian. Yu eliminated in the legendary soaring I; founded upon a time when soaring sub-base, because his wife actually hinder, killed his wife without resistance. ' He did not have the heart to say anything, Li Han induction from memory to the screen as it is too cruel. Li Han read from the memory of the picture, Lee Han founded upon a body in the most primitive of the sub-base, after the owner locked cents nurture room, he let the sound of thunder or crying inside, watching the glass constantly splashing on plasma Lee Han turned to satisfaction. Then, I saw in front of the trembling woman Raytheon, Raytheon female side, also followed by a face innocent little girl. Female Raytheon Lee Lian Li also did not care for the cold, went to pull the training room door, her hand that nearly stiffened doors pulled half collapse. Lee Han drank and said: 'Go away, bitch!' Raytheon woman gritted his teeth again to pull the steel doors, on the occasion of her upcoming shot again, bearing in mind that a Leiguang from behind into her chest. Blood spatter. Two lines of tears welled female Raytheon eyes, her eyes look neither sorrow, nor unexpected, but relief. Lee Han wife's strength, while Du wind and her fight, you can only use two words to describe the feeling: incredible. Even the wind was already exhaustive DU, but the female Thor kneeling on the ground do not always up to the dismantling of the Independence Day Du hands wind attack, that strength has been on Lee Han. Finally Du wind Qidao away, how much is from this weak woman's deep respect, if not for the other side as a woman, and she does not mind the wind Du duel once again. She was not inescapable Lee Han attack, but just a relief. Splash of blood into a lightning-laden phosgene to butterflies, by Lee Han armor gap at floating inside. Thor Lee Han body trembled a two flutter, also fell to the ground, his body fell to the ground, the inside of the body has disappeared without a trace, leaving only scattered to numerous pieces of armor spall.  line break his own drowning death of the soul, by Du wind is called 'Xian Qi' thing after the infection has become a new form of biological gathered in the ship wreck, the It transformed into a huge cruise ship by the specter of matter. Today, under the effect of gas, it has completely collapsed Dissolution, scattered into a pile of scrap metal and broken wood. Ghost also disappear under the action of the air, the ship began to evaporate out of the wreckage of green gas, andConverging to a personal form, presumably Du wind is called 'Xian Qi', Xian Qi seems to have spirituality, after seeing Du wind, scrambling up the run with Canhu. Du wind is not much to look at it even look at, stormed turned, he turned in an instant, a scream, a green humanoid sea is condensed into water blade cut into two halves. Four weeks has been turned into a tool of the ocean, those green humanoid alive trapped in a knife into the sea, screams constantly, a mountain of green humanoid have been crushed. Giant ships head inlaid three spades poker has come to Du wind hands him move the body, went up toward the sea, a surfaced Liu saw that flattering fat face. Liu fat pride was palpable, take credit and said:. 'Fortunately, I left a shark, stripped of its skin just give us a strip canoe.' Du wind lightly: 'If there are no sharks, I will charge the number of skin with fat, but fortunately you left it.' Liu fat immediately face bitter, Yang zero laughing quietly to keep Du wind around and said: 'You ......' She was going to say that you also will kidding, I did not expect Du wind glanced at her, and that makes her eyes chills, then a full choke in the stomach. Du wind threw her to the half shark carcasses, shark skin began peeling hands, suddenly said:. 'You like your sister.' Young zero moment, then asked: '? My sister is that people do Jiao Yang shadow she looks like.' This sentence seems to be something that touched the hearts of wind Du, Du action involuntarily stagnant wind down, long before indifferent said:. 'Do not talk nonsense, stripping