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put yourself cents to throw no more, I use it a remills' Luo Feile wiped tears and said:. 'Throw in front, I went' Before Du wind blocking, Luo Feile joy like a deer like Jumping jump forward and ran, while thieves looking authentic:Independence Day, we give a new name since this thing is good, then we can not call it a damn cents, since it is made out of refining, refining called ...... good call? ' Du wind indifferent said: 'With you.' Luo Feile back to Du wind Buddies smile, 'refining' and 'love' are homonyms, this little fox real intention is to put the cone as its own and Du wind romance keepsake. She began looking for just being thrown away that piece cents own, more forward, corpse lying on the ground, the more, and start killing each situation is different, more forward, more single wound on the body, Finally, only three. Although not a small fox autopsy strengths, but also know how much some. Most of these wounds on the body, is the sharp leg, but deadly, but it is like the head of the percussion sticks and hit claws dig scars, wounds faint trace of blue in Xian Qi embers. Luo Feile stopped, used to see the little fox and not afraid of the dead body, but the emergence of Xian Qi, making her think it and stay in a relatively safe Du wind. Cents thrown by her falling beside a corpse, a small fox crept hand went over, leaned picked cents. As she picked cents, while the body of the earth suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed her left foot. Luo Feile screams, feeling the body pores are stood on end. Corpses slowly straight from the upper body, face Kong Tieqing, will actually speak, but also quite gentle tone sounded: 'Miss, do not be afraid, we do not malicious.' Luo Feile loaded with repressed fear that another body next to the tree also up, grabbed her right foot, Luo Feile sky and fell to the ground, I do not know where to brush and from stretch to two arms, fastened around her wrist. This small fox could not restrain himself, with this life sharp cry cry out: 'Independence Day, help ah!' their hands, but they can only go about these monsters who are subject only to the powerful, and despise those who rely on the movement of people and win the trick. 'So the strength of unity Beastkin actually want?' Dragon sneered. Physique of a move, only to hear the sound of loud Dragons, Savaka in nine days, was surprised to find a little knowledge about majestic mighty dragon emerged in the body, claws, and looked ferocious, they rushed over towards Eagle Peak. Lu pressure face changed, and quickly took a gourd, yellow skin, it is then selected from the gourd root of the matter, and later fusion of the East and Lord of the great witch Huangtai a fine blood, made of cut fairy knife, was in Gods Wartime shine. Obviously this thing ready to use land pressure to cut the black dragon. Suddenly the sky to light flashed rivers boat plans, land pressure Taoist face suddenly showing a trace of strange smile, shouted: 'mountains and rivers boat, the storm!', Hands shot a crimson brilliance, falls on the mountains and rivers boat plans, I saw mountains and rivers boat plans light Huatai Liang, shone down hair will see Eagle Peak, Zhong Yao faces are colorful brilliance emerged. Zhong Yao is not yet clear exactly what is going on, the air Guanghua flash, heard a faint Dragons, is unwilling to make the color. When look at the fleet land pressure Taoist ruddy hands holding mountains and rivers boat plans, Zhong Yao suddenly knew that the powerful dragon has been a land pressure Taoist alive. 'Meet His Royal Highness Prince.' Zhong Yao fear in mind, and quickly turn towards worship Road land pressure. While the other by virtue of the innate treasure map before the dragon boat rivers Qin Zhu, but after all, Yu Shan boat plans is not so. So powerful strength, is enough to claim the supreme Yaozu, dominate Yaozu. And really know the truth, but only Kunpeng demon division, that is where the dragon land pressure Qinzhu actually Nvwaniangniang shot himself, and I remember the black dragon to an enemy, Tai Jun and donghuang duo crying.Ji Gang cried and said: 'Royal Highness, the little master of his little master ...... ......'Yan Mufei mind a tight, urgent: 'how he was allowed to stew, Say it!'Ji Gang said: 'Ji Gang inadequate primary care, negligence, little master him ...... Cliff alienate the vote.'Yan Mufei speak mind as H slamming like thunder thunder was playing a bit, immediately stunned ...... 'He froze, Ji Gang but suddenly shook his head, sounded tear stains, sadness, said: '!! Jigang million dead, though not enough to redeem their sins, but only one death to thank the world, to report less Lord Royal Highness, Ji Gang take leave.'Flutter a prayer, and then take to the sky Yang Zhang Ling.Yan Mufei startled and awake, but he woke up too late, when he was killing guts heart, want to block shots, Ji Gang palm Spirit of God has been shot, 'Poof!' Slamming, red splattered brains, immediately fell to the ground does not move .Yan Mufei wits, heart, he froze.Those big guards and Guard all horror, afraid to face.Long, long time, just start Yan Mufei given to God, a warble: 'Ji Gang ......' body violent trembling, tears like a mighty rushing out confused.His grief, a grief Jianwen alienate, two grieving loyalty majestic natural martyrdom Lord Howe, a generation of Aviva since caving.A long while, the other partyMurmured: 'Ji Gang, do you regret the hate, the hate regret heard the words so that the brothers, and even come to this and other ...... or else today, this world is not that you do martial arts?'He slowly lowered his head.At this time, behind sounded loudly call: 'Uncle king!'Meng Huo turned rise, silk man standing in front of him not far away, a look of stunned look, Yan Mufei chest fire rises to speak, shout, said: '! You see, this is your forced out.'Jinyi people busy: 'Uncle Wang, who is ......'Yan Mufei excited authentic: 'You do not know what you're looking for him, but also to kill him?!'Jinyi people Yaran said: 'He is ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Ji Gang!'Silk man blurted cried, and said: '? Is Ji Gang, Ji Gang, he is,