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even Tathagata had called on soon, 'Buddha.' And now to the year when the division Kunpeng demon heard the word, its place long before the EEP, and now into the West, standing under the EEP headquarters can now! Quasi mention Taoist frowned, suddenly said: 'When I'm a Buddhist amulet after Xing, Maitreya when the leader of Theravada, so can give Kunpeng demon division for the past Buddha after the robbery, No. 000 North Sea demon Buddha, chaired the North Sea demon world. . brothers think? ' Sure enough, less than a moment, it came in and told the young novices demon division Kunpeng asked to see, escorts Taoist pale hint of compassion, quasi mention Taoist smiling very kindly. So, after a while, the West has a new Buddha, known as the Northern Buddhist demon. Tianzhushan apse, on, Zhen Fang head, Fire Dragon roll, like boiling water in general, particularly strange, circling round mirror on one side, the Quartet shines as moon hanging overhead in general, exudes bright glory. Between the faint, red black and white on that mirror Sanko flashing, blink of an eye, it has rotated three hundred sixty-five. And now the essence of ten thousand stars have crashed into the sky among Ni Wan Zhen Fang, as if absorbing whales in general, very vast. Have injected into Ni Wan Zhen Fang, into a powerful and awe-inspiring magic, rapid promotion of Zhen Fang repair. 'Humph! How dare, not even a fight to the.' Being addicted to Avenue Zhen Fang suddenly opened eye, golden projection out thirty feet away, Fengmu cold Wei, faint hint of killing. Physique of a move, standing nearly disappeared Zhen Fang figure, the main hall, has become empty. The human world, I saw nine straight gold fearless, forming a huge big tripod, heavy and honorable, exudes a strong chaotic atmosphere, although only a virtual appearance, but no one dared to look down upon it, it is the three realms of the most peculiar magic, universe tripod, back of the return element. Miraculous after day becomes innate, a teaching repression air transport, although of eyes watching her lengli. Motorcycle Rider cold tunnel: 'see you put water in a position to know, only the Red Cross to professional rescue workers, will put water in that position, I heard that Du wind around, there was originally attached to the International Red Cross medicine successor. ' Zhao Luan motorcycle Knight reached out to carry up the same as the eagle catches chicken, uttered a disdainful smile from the helmet: 'This is what that Yang Ying's successor, the so-called medicine, may be in their own children when the tube with a point it. ' Zhao Luan soon chew a molar, howling: '! Can not insult home teacher' This did not completely restricted Zhao Luan looked down: 'You gonna do. Zhao Luan but gradually calmed down, biting his lips and said: 'Hey, you're not really want to seeAbout the mysteries of medicine. ' Motorcycle Rider from the nose groaned and said:. 'I'd like you to cure yourself.' Zhao Luan nose continuous outflow of blood, the other using a kind of strange Xian Qi, Zhao Luan even capable of that kind of [vaginal bleeding] Xian Qi immune constitution, can not stop a Xian Qi from the body begins to suck her concentrated Five strength. Even more surprising is that the five elements of strength being sucked gone, there is a corresponding influx Xian Qi, Zhao Luan feel each other's body seems to have become a puppet plaything general. Motorcycle Rider left vacated remove helmet, the helmet is removed in its moment, Zhao Luan suddenly cold tunnel: '!!! You go to die.' Daomang not tied Zhao Luan tentacles to attack, but Zhao Luan cut impartial body, she was instantly disintegrated completely decomposed body was immediately out of the tentacles of control, amazing is completely Decomposition of the body as a conscious wildly surprising, the opponent attacked. Zhao Luan head first hit the front of each other, ferocious bite on the other side of the cheek. Motorcycle Rider screams fell to the ground, slamming Zheng, Zhao Luan scalpel left peg on its feet, the body still in the time of Jackie Chan, the party is your achievement. great place, when the emperor's license. do not believe you have to look forward to learn the art of gas, you can see,Brother natal family has grown into a dragon, is about the emperor ascended the throne. Originally, the ruler of the elephant you there, until after the Huaihe River flood, with merit, to help you air transport, of Kau dragon naturally can get people Tenno fruit in the future. Unfortunately, you are the master of this opportunity to send home with your nephew. ' Zhao Yi Kuang heard shocked, when it suddenly Zhen Fang Pro to remember, he commanded to be flooding back when, victims appease completed only chance to own brother before the emperor ascended the throne. They can also be called Huangtai brother, never thought was given to abandon yourself out. Present mind alarmed, could not help but ask: 'This is when what to do, what to do, Master ah, I though you secret disciple, but in the end is a disciple, why do you want to abandon his disciples, the emperor of the bit to send and Zao, Is it because he is your disciples not to close. 'extremely shrill voice. That Taoist laughed and said: 'Your Majesty, Your Majesty must not worry, though thy master magical wand, but in the end is not the first three realms, but not Hongjun Taoist, control of Heaven, Heaven's own chance of survival under which it everything undecided His Majesty then why worry about it! ' Taoist nodded, Fang said:. 'The so-called Buddha crossing destined, today saw, between you and me is fate since you so, Pindao to show you some so-called merit encourage air transport is not false, but if not great merit, How much can contribute to air transport, the Huaihe River flood this is an extremely important enough that you used the dragon, but since the opportunity has not, then use another means by that. ' ? 'Borrow' Zhao Yi Kuang face a move soon calmed down, shook his head and said: 'Where there is nothing Guaren patron, to borrow a vacuum air transport, not to mention, and who