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it seems that he has some ability to predict the future. See below for details: 9:30 GMT this morning in Beijing Capital International Airport, State President Mrs. Jang Su Dequan synergies, together with the State Premier Li Yulong, Wang Jianwei Vice President met with the King of Spain to kill the undead · · Alexander I and his girlfriend, Miss Felicity line. The King of Spain visit is a state visit to kill the King of Spain King's successor since the first official to China, and Beijing all walks of life of the people held a grand welcoming ceremony at the airport. When not kill the king's plane arrived at the airport, President and Mrs. Jang went up with them cordially shook hands and exchanged greetings. After that, kill the king and his girlfriend were with the Prime Minister Li Yulong, Wang Jianwei Vice President shook hands. The majestic 21-gun salute, a military band played the national anthems of China and the West. Then, kill the king and his girlfriend, a pedestrian, accompanied by President other state leaders in Tiananmen Square parade reviewing stage ceremony of the armed forces, and watch motorcycle team, infantry and cavalry disaggregated style performances. After the inspection ceremony, the two leaders were meeting. Su Dequan kill the king on behalf of the people visiting the warmest welcome. Kill that Spain has a long history of exchanges, the two peoples have friendly feelings. Establishment of diplomatic ties 32 years ago, West relations have developed smoothly, and now has entered the best period in history ....... Under the current complex and volatile international situation, the two sides should further enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation and push bilateral relations to a new level. Kill expressed confidence that with joint efforts, China-Spain relations will continue to move towards a better future. That night, Su Dequan Chairman kill the king and his girlfriend Felicity was held in the Great Hall. 'Yan Mufei a slight chuckle: 'I am not come yet where the young master tapping in the electronic groundOn which screamed 'Niagara Falls,' she lightly: 'I was there with [broken] dome-style stunts and seven chop you for God, then we ...... apart.' Others say his mouth, naturally refers to Yang zero. In roundabout towards zero Yang explained that day after knife grave truth, Yang refused to zero to hide in the room to see people, and occasionally get some food out of the eye is red. Theoretically now available for use for bone marrow Dafa to get her day vertical body, but in this case, Du wind and then the heart, such as stone, can not be forcibly dragged the girl out of the exchange of physical fitness. He had to stay in the street city Yang zero. To dispose of fat and Luo Feile he came to the United States one step ahead. Zhao Luan Da Lielie authentic: 'the division of public, accustomed to ......' Boo to cry. Luan Zhao slipped a lollipop in his mouth, Du cold wind tunnel:. 'Biting this' Zhao Luan bitter face: 'The division of public biting the good Chicks oh..' Xu Tan iron straight face: 'childish, not Chicks ......' not finished. Luan Zhao beat his split from the speeding jeep down, angrily:. 'To you tube, his aging mother is not read the book, how the' Ga slamming. Jeep stopped, looked at the eyes of the end of Du wind a small hotel and said:. 'We are here to rest it, try to avoid the city looking for the eyes and ears.' Xu Tan livid face to climb up from the pit, and Zhao Luan glaring. Du wind shook his head. If the little fox and fat in the side, he can let go of a lot of things to deal with them, and now only around several pure fighter bodyguard, whom a lot of things had to force pro. Deng eventually relatively stable, the luggage piece is removed from the jeep. Du open air jeep hand guards, an aperture will protect the back of the jeep, he reached for a shot, the entire Jeep H slamming into the sand, the sand around quickly gathered around the jeep completely buried, without leaving a trace. He also restrained Numuxiangxiang Tan Xu and Zhao Luan, to small