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something unexpected, I also. not demanding a. 'After these two test of public officers Guamu two gold Li phase with, the common phenomenon of more attention to them, and all of a sudden let them act Guards coach post. Soon after seven days, dusk, golden duo Li suddenly received notice of the common phenomenon, and they want the same club a banquet. To attend the meeting in addition to the common phenomenon of, Jin Shiyi, Lisheng Nan, there are eighteen officers, call Ting Xu, surnamed Han and that are in it. Korean duo white complexion sallow, depressed spirit. After Jin Shiyi to Beijing, the first time to see them, and gradually recover from the beginning. Though there have been repeatedly subjected them goldLeft tease, but at the end there is always seen the true face of Lushan Jin Shiyi, of course, does not recognize him. White Korean duo suffered this setback, both shame, but also angry, on the road, said bitterly: 'We had already caught two disciples Tianshan Pai, hateful Simon Makino not to collusion, differing only in the two-day journey on to go to Beijing, unexpected hit their head Tang Xiaolan personally a 'common phenomenon of comfort him and said:.'. is Tang Xiaolan come, that changed my count, they can only watch helplessly away he will enter you able to escape from his sword come, this is a very rare and as ye have done this power, not the success of Heroes, on the laurels, I still give you a note on that is. 'Jin Shiyi secretly funny, heart and said:. 'White Pages Ji my reckoning in Tang Xiaolan head, actually it was believed that he lied to a credit.' In fact, the common phenomenon of why I believe, because of his profound sophistication, in order to win over men inconvenience expose it. That surnamed Han said: 'We have nothing Chi Diankui, hateful gave credit to Simon Makino this group of people took up this evening, we have to give him a sincere celebration this not cut what we face. ? 'Sagong tract:.' Because the emperor want to give them the celebration, you two must-see, there are two of with my friends, I say this is just promise an afterlife, and no I'm sorry his place. 'The fact that he did not speak.Remarks persuaded 'Desert Dragon', in fact, she was right and not wrong, but also rational, more fully revealed her Foolish, Girls husband's character, such a peerless Pink, Elaine hero in the original can not be to measure the general yardstick to measure her family with her.Ren sincerely authentic: 'Kill the world of girl when is my slip of the tongue.'Mrs. White said: 'So tell me, tell me that you are willing interoperabilityAfterlife? 'The fact that he did not hesitate to place his head, and said: 'willing and feeling ......'If not finished, White Lady lifted Haowan there, stretched out her Shuicong also like jade generally small finger, smiled and said:'Come on, we then hook a hook.'Ren Jing Ran out his hand, when the hook with two fingers, his heart strange feelings, on more than one strong tremor made his mind a long time can not be yourself.Believe that this life is the aftermath of the tremor level can not calm down, I am afraid the White Lady is the same.Because Ms. Bai pair of beautiful eyes among the people also shot tremor splendor, with Wanlv tenderness.Suddenly, the splendor and tenderness to make convergence, white lady smiled, shook his head and said: '! I have to go, do not go I will not hold, time is not late, you rest it.'She stood up short of the body, just to turn around.Suddenly came back screaming loudly whispered: 'You, who you are, you want to do ......'? 'Doing' a man accent slightly smile, said: 'Look at you asked, this time coming to your car can do.''You, how can you, I'm going to call up .........''Look at what it is, you dare me to kill you, here the high days of the emperor far away, and I do not afraid, but do not dare say this convoy tube menfolk big deal, you are the original is doing this in there is not the same, rest assured, some uncle held the money! 'White Lady suddenly raised his brow child, his face immediately with a layer of frost amazing, said: '! Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, command so how can I do that?'Lu judicially said: '! Very simple, very simple little when met after the host, as long as nod, regardless of this commitment chores, Yantai Xia dynasty is immediately profited.'Yanmu Fei said: 'command to make, really that simple?'Lu rendered Hey laughed: 'The land is rendered profited dare to bully it?'Yan Mufei hint of a chuckle: 'Then a little later saw him after and so to say it!'Yuehua Jian, two people have entered the backyard. Lu rendered with walk trails, over the gallery, and finally stopped in front of a monastery.Before the temple, standing two points on both sides of big guards.Yan Mufei understand, in this Abode Paradise Lane!Lu rendered whispered said: 'Yantai Xia, do not forget my words, be sure to grasp the opportunity that the world can not ask, beg, please wait, I advanced to the knock intrinsic soon!.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Thank you command so repeatedly told, the province must, go ahead!'Miss judicially laughed: 'You're welcome, just do not forget the time I land rendered onThe! 'Down into the monastery.Yan G fly looked at his back, his lips float a smile.There ares, land rendered appeared at the door, exclaimed: '! Host has purpose, Yan Mufei an audience.'Then a whispered: 'Yantai Xia, Come in!'Yan Mufei smiled and did not say a word, move and went inside.He came to the door, Lu rendered is whispered words: '! Yantai Xia, do not forget.'Yan Mufei stop laughing: 'command to make really rare enthusiastic people at ease, I will never forget, and the command to not accompany me in it!?'Lu rendered rise, said: 'No, just the upper Yantai Xia you want to see.'Yanmu Fei did not say, to go inside to go to.It asked the Abode is not small, but also with the general Abode different, wearing a double door, over the two posts, Yan Mufei considered to place.Eyes, stood a gigantic, hidden through breathtaking prestige of silk, his face, the back door stood a negative start.Not see his face, but by his burly body look, his face certainly very mighty. stopped