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said: 'San Ye, you should know that you are guard tour, 'Zhangye' And our stockade ......'Luosan Ye: 'I know, for these two things to mention the dozens of cars destroyed, that hurt the stockade, and I do not blame my uncle expected, we are taking on the rivers and lakes leg break children's channel, although not claiming to be chivalrous, can also claim back the white Taoist, decent people, I can not watch as these two things matter in person, but I do not want to criticize fellow itinerant surname Luo was a cowardly, not loyalty coward. ''Yes, San Ye!' Said a guard, brother suddenly stood up and said: '! I go with you.'Another guard, along with his brother stood up and said: 'old gold, you have a wife and kids, I was alone a man child, unencumbered, let me go!'Old English himself laugh, life and death event, they can not care, rivers and lakes Haoxiong character faction, said: '! I do not know the taste of food marrow does not matter, you eat the marrow children know the smell, but not dead.'Lao Jin face a whole, said: 'Joking aside, decent decent return, I am determined to follow San Ye is gone, even if people knifed his head, and that it is only a scar palm, my son, who can boast before the future up, my father was to save the 'Desert Dragon' with the 'Red Lady' death, how much glory, much stronger than for anything else. ''To put it is!' Old English: 'You go, I go, you and I are separated hammer scale, where you go, where I talked to.''No!' Luosan Ye really moving, eyes dozen brothers, and now no one has to sit on the ground, he said:. 'Enough, many people and not necessarily good things.''San Ye.' That led children to speak brother and said: 'You know, aside chickened the coward did not say such a thing would have to know them soon, they will say that you can look down on them.'That led children speaker brothers promised soon, he turned to go.Suddenly someone said something:. 'Ladies and gentlemen, please wait, I have something to say.'Everyone saw Mother, whom hesitated, followed Luosan Ye stood behind there!'Wei Han Ying turn now looked out the window, and said: 'Anyway, dawn, and we'll go, okay?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I let my sister all the shots!'Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei turn in and said: 'How about you?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I have no comment!'Wei Han Ying said: 'I dare you not to listen, not thanked sisterSister. 'Yan Mufei stood smiling, hands is Yi Yi! 'Yuqiong, thank you!'Jinyu Qiong microdisplay shy authentic: 'You do not see things too?'Han Ying Wei beautiful eyes blink a bit, and said: 'between husband and wife, what with polite and courteous but also that there is a thank?!'Jinyu Qiong red Jiaoye, said: 'It's like my sister is an outsider, in fact, only sister was ......' slips shut up without saying!Wei Han Ying Jiaoye red, said: 'No it pours, powerful, for the sister I never dare to provoke the next!'Jinyu Qiong laugh! Yan Mufei smiled, he looked around one pair of luxurious grace flowery Meijuan, dark sense of Qi Yue, inevitably some pride!Han Wei Ying look in the eye, immediately Chen Dao: 'I know you are proud of, cheap let you reap, not fast people left money for the room!Hit the road. ' shook his head slightly, smiled and said: '! I have penniless, I am afraid to spend a lady.'Jinyu Qiong laugh! Han Wei Ying face flushed, the Meishao children are charming spring, Chen Dao: 'loquacious, thick-skinned, the next allowed barking ......'Yan Mufei smile more proud!Jinyu Qiong said: 'I am afraid that is not the sister of truth ......'Han Wei Ying a stomping said:!, 'You know, this time you told him singing the same tune, together bully I knew just do not stop you, and let you ...... sister, but while we two children, and how, but also went into the room, put a matchmaker Diuguo wall! 'A 'let you ......' hear Jinyu Qiong shy to drop, she did not dare speak.Yan Mufei even odd male guise, this situation at this time can not help but whom the mind of a swing! There, Wei Han left a British coins, said: '! Xiankang Li please follow me.'Opened the door and went out.------------------------------------------------ the snow lady summoned her children carve the other end, will be able to arrive half an hour!'Xuenv said: 'This is not much of a problem, but there must be personal to send him to!'Wu Yunshan said: 'I go!'Xuenv shook his head: '! You can not, your father hated you, even if you save his life, he may not appreciate you, maybe even hurt you.'Wu Yunshan said: 'That's too busy a lot, anyway, I can not watch him die!' Yuan said: 'Although you Rather Than filial Shan Yun, the Salesian your father but not necessarily love, we decided it wants to save him, but not necessary for you to!!'Wu Yunshan said: 'Unless you go, otherwise father awake, his body martial arts, few people can make is maintained, but you can not leave!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I can not leave, Duron saints and blue Meng is not eliminated, I go, here's strength is more thin, this really is not easy to find people off!'Tianchi VenerableButtons on clothes too slowly unravel, and now comes in September, the River City is still under the rule of autumn tiger, buttons opened, is 34C bra, bra under a white one, Zhen Fang could not swallow mouth spittle. Secretary of snow at this time seems to have played a sensation on the skin pimple, weekdays swim through the three points, but let a boy so intimate contact with the first time, she can not wait to find a hole drilled in it. 'He touched come up.' Secretary Snow eyes a move, only to find a pair of big hands warm swimming in the rib, along with a surge of warm air moving palm, got into their skin, the whole body cells at that moment seemed to melt into the Like the milk, very refreshing. Then a surge of cold gas from the whole body acupuncture points and rushed, cold and heat cross-phase flow, Secretary Snow comfortable tempted to moan. After quite a while, just to feel those big hands have disappeared had disappeared, his chest chill. 'Ah!' Secretary Snow subconscious Lelong clothes, sitting up, his eyes looked around, surprised to find a group of red mist shrouded in a shadow. Moment can not help but sigh,