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not smiled to himself, though she felt a little firewood hidden Han Meng Shentong wounded unexpectedly, it also. never mind the Meng Shentong Timing Masato autumn, March 15 next year is the anniversary of the death Shenni candle arms, as well as a year's time, do not rush to hurry. They row a total of six people, including rivers and lakes and Xie true horizons are very broad, and the way they talk talk Feng Lin martial arts stories, Oddities, met beautiful place, but also likes to stay awhile, surf, with its air, just like to travel , there is no 'guard' feeling. Cheng Hao Pei suspense of the safety, the hearts of the most anxious, but he was younger, inconvenience urged Feng Lin. Liqin Mei three years has been bored at home, this time down the mountain, both companion and more , the fork is talking about things that interest her feeling, mind spontaneously comfortable a lot, depression and self-understand, talking and laughing along the way, and Chung also show up. Feng Lin happy to see her daughter, she is more happy This day came Nyainqêntanglha, that after the earthquake, 'Heaven Lake' is still upstream rapids piece of ice already filled, and then do not have to reach the Ice Palace vessel upstream of the second day at noon, a line of six people climbing on the peak Nyainqêntanglha, the Ice Palace in sight, under the sunlight, the glow of millions throughout the Ice Palace Road, Xia Hui Lai mining, marvelous no Tao Cheng Hao from which had not yet reached the Ice Palace, Seeing wonders, but also forget worries, could not help but tut extol them. Feng LinSelf Cited land array, those firms may be prepared, and this is something I know nothing about, or go by you decide! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen look into the distance, she saw blue Meng, Wu Tsering, Qi red even with and a number of experts, all stood before the house, is said: '! Fight to fight it, killing one is a, this is the only way.'Then Tingjian straight, busy: '! Miss Owen, you can not afford to force the leg'Qiong Yao Yuwen whispered: 'I have insisted on attracted to Wudang, I can not find too much sun with you but it really is better to let me know in God, too Sun found under mysteriously circumstances. Do you think that, right? 'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness, Beizhi know.'Yanmu Fei Dao 'I do not blame you, you do not know what too, and you too, Sun safety guard, shoulder arduous, stakes, everything should be on the alert is.'Ji Gang said: 'Xie princes teachings, BeizhiLived. 'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'I'll tell you one thing!'Ji Gang said: 'You ask that Beizhi ears.': 'The military forces and insufficient consideration, can consider the martial arts master words you intelligibility.?'Yanmu Fei said: 'If I am not wrong material, this time around the Wudang four weeks, in addition to the Guard outside horses with cloth-making, there should be a lot of martial arts master!'Ji Gang said: 'You mean ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'This is something I do not know if you know, then there are four Taejo think tank.'Ji Gang said: 'Beizhi heard, but never seen, do not know who they really are!' said: 'These four, in Dynasty side can be regarded as a very mysterious character, known outside their small, Dynasty, but also just a duo.'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness you know?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Montana ancestors valued, once called me Dynasty recorded, with four of them with seats discuss events, so I've seen four of them.'Ji Gang said: 'You mention the four who is?' said: 'In the past, they used to Dynasty, burnt Lingyange, gun fight hero floor that four of them offer good design, a good idea!'Ji Gang said aloud: 'In the past tragedy that turned out to be four of them ......' said: 'After too , they scattered throughout, working for the secret Dynasty, designed to check the kings and foreign minister of the movement, but the Emperor was wrong with them.'Ji Gang said: 'how do they ......?' said: 'Once upon a time, they were to draw Zhu Di, Zhu Di ascended the throne after, they became his people and continue to secretly work for him, this is too alien investigation Sun home