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words, 'Meng Shentong laughed:.' You his mother is still alive, you can rest assured that 'the grain of the antidote squeezed his mother's mouth, and untied her acupuncture points, shouted:.'! Fast born unto thy son, Joe North sea offer out of martial arts secrets 'that Granny restore sanity, immediately warble asked: 'children Yeah, you really Ji to do martial arts secrets that wood?' the voice being full of surprises. end of his stay on earth who simply do not know how to lie, blurted Bianji replied:. '. Thanks to your husband nephew brought division martial arts secrets figure painting, children Ji to' The old lady said: ' children, your father died for it, and you also for its wasted youth, martial arts secrets do not give these thieves! I had years old, Sibuzuxi, martial arts secrets, you set to preserve! 'Meng Shentong furious Immediately before the point of that old lady's acupuncture points, said: '? Well, your mother is willing to die yourself, you willing her to die,' Lipan Gui lives with his mother had each other, I could not bear to see his mother helplessly killed, but did martial arts secrets also sacrificed his family for generations do not know how many lives the things required to take! Meng Shentong shouted: 'I count to ten when you do not agree, I and your mother with Bi life!' He also knows if they kill the Lipan Gui's mother, and he spared Juenan out, so his mind is actually a little scared . Lipan Gui Hu Mu tears, and immediately said: 'what is not´╗┐Number, I'll give you is! 'Meng Shentong laughed and said:' For you, to see you are a savage, filial piety still really commendable, took Come on! 'It is: Wan seeking secrets untold suffering, which Gan promotions and enemies spread out, hung on the Rod?.' He laid one hand on that lady's vest, one hand grabbed the subtraction Flanagan monk Buddhist monk's staff, the Buddhist monk's staff out into the front of. It turned out he was afraid Lipan Gui powerful martial arts, afraid to let him close. In fact Lipan Gui simple nature, he bent to save