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in Among the icehouse. Lu Ya looked at him without saying a word, Du wind lightly:. 'Borrow gas to me.' Lu Ya Wen Hong soft jade little hand on the shoulder Du wind, moment felt a surge of gas into his body. Gas is not among ancient weapons can easily be borrowed. Just as blood transfusion to find the corresponding A, B, O, AB four kinds of blood! 'Xuenv smiled and said: 'The old man to beat these words, do the Wizards have limited our pool Miller it really is only one world hard to find, the lady Yuwen, who green shadow girl, that one is not? Among Lin Feng, listen said there was a Miss Wu Yunshan, she is more amazing, you can put this old guy playing around! 'Master Miller smiled and said: 'Yes decrepit self-supporting indiscretions, We'll go right on Duron Palace!?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'The best is the hurry to give them a surprise!'Master Miller smiled and said: 'That is probably impossible, and when I came through the Duron house, see that they are busy preparing, guard, and so we went early in the ......'Venerable Tianchi hesitated and said: 'That's impossible, right, uphill and to us, do not know the future Duron house also learn it?'Miller on humanity: 'Duron though you do not know the future set of skill, but it is easy to count innate Jingshan, BU and then to know, is not much slower than you, anyway, is the fact that they have to prepare!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'We have some of the long-term perspective!'Xuenv said: 'Nothing can be planned, and came and went, Duron palace that is the stuff sets, that is, we have a few people can not because they have to prepare, he dropped this line!'Tianchi Holiness thought for a moment and said: 'Snow Snake Yes, after soldiers to be blocked, water to soil cover, since we came, break it a bit, then reconsidered there is no result.'So a line of seven people, three men and four women, and went down from the summit, Duron palace was built between the half-peak, they climb too far from the other side of Dengfeng.So now they have to go down, but fortunately