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next Paradise City' 'So, I am afraid that the Buddha's Pure Land Buddhism have been implicated.' Zhao Guangyi faint. Look without any change, there is a happy face even looks like. National Division King Buddha eye among the golden shot round after round, as if to see Zhao Guangyi same thoughts. Unfortunately Dharma is great, but at the moment it seems as though people generally see through. Moment helpless sigh, said: 'Paradise City, but I Buddhism carefully crafted, itsBuddha numerous sects good fortune if we want to spend Tongtianhe is already difficult, if think it is extremely difficult to capture Paradise City, and certainly numerous casualties. Zao take time until the city of Paradise, about it useless people. If on the march from the war, not the Zao Highness Highness opponent, but if the theory of statecraft since I am afraid many Highness victory. So, this is the time of His Highness comeback. His Highness with His Majesty explained, did not want to stay in Kaifeng city, willing to go to West cattle Hezhou for CONSERVATORY business, pending future power savings, Dongsheng Divine conquest use. ' 'That's what Amy would have to pay?' Zhao Guangyi clearly there are Buddhist help, the future will be to appease the West cattle Hezhou effortlessly, but also a price to pay. King Buddha really MND nodded and said: 'Please also man after His Royal Highness King, Buddhism can look after twelve.' Zhao Guangyi thought for a moment, nodded and said:. 'Guaren so it should be a Bodhisattva' Sure enough, after Zhao Guangyi Kuangyin cried in front of something, Kuangyin really take into account the brotherhood, quickly agreed Zhao Guangyi's request, West cattle Hezhou forever. Since the decree was that Zhao Guangyi, where also willing to stay in the city of Kaifeng, God knows, one day, Kuangyin think the secret, will always remain himself in Kaifeng, I am afraid this life no chance out of the city of Kaifeng, no chance to realize their The dream. With Zhao Guangyi fresh clothes angry horse, left the city of secret of this masterpiece of martial arts, how can they just about people? You are afraid of what the island really have some kind of weird it? 'hearts are all sorts of reasons, just got an idea, only to be re-Jin Shiyi invited her, she would probably take a boat all agree, traveled with a companion. Jin Shiyi seems the whole look of extreme distress, bowed his head and drank a big bowl of wine, said: 'I am not afraid that mysterious island, I was afraid, afraid ......' said: '? What are they afraid.' Jin Shiyi suddenly blurted: 'I was afraid of my own.' extremely strange words, Gu Zhihua laughed: 'You are what Zen and I hit it?' Jin Shiyi reach for the bowl, said voice: 'drink ! 'bone toot fork will do drink a bowl of dry white, Gu Zhihua laughed:'? I did not say I do not drink it early, 'Jin Shiyi one looked, and said softly:' You drink less of it! 'Jin Shiyi Danjue full of depressed, it is difficult to distraction, deliberately drinking song Song ji word changed a few buildings, loudly sings:'! Cup Ru come, I present, debauchery Xinghai very long hold thirsty, pharynx such as coke kettle, hi drunk today, like gas, said Liu Ling ponley slow, ancient and modern up who will bury the dead drunk why not ...... ' said:'!! Brother, you're drunk, 'Jin Shiyi Road!: 'Thousands of forest less wine every friend that several kilograms of white dry drunk what my waiter, call pounds?!' said: '! Kim Brother, listen to me, do not drink it,' Jin Shiyi eyes are hazy, raised his head to just over a pedestrian road over there, Jin Shiyi glance, my heart jump: 'These two individuals do not show that Chung and Wu set the ball?' Sure enough, they see clearly, Jin Shiyi suddenly outraged, laugh said: 'beyond the pale Gu Zhihua busy:' Golden brother, you can not make trouble! 'Jin Shiyi said:' I want to ask a kid these two things, you do not control me, I would never is nonsense! 'It turned out to Mang Wu Zhong duo also attended the event to come, and he accompanied the three men, a man named Lu Tao phosphorus, a man named LinIs