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not so tough it was to find that walk around in recent weeks flat beside quiet asked:. 'Wei can see that horses, there are two that have seen it yesterday? ' Yoshio Tak Meng think yesterday was riding was not very tall stature a cursory, lean back horse hoof tip, hairy legs have several branches, whole body white, there are two circles at the nape of the neck attached to the light, one yellow and one black very clear, running up head wind cries, stare Horse, glance for Trinidad name colt, dinner Suntech also talking about this horse has a lot of decapitated. See the appropriate first ride, back neck round light is blocked Valley package, although not seen that look vigorous, but yesterday Suntech horse exactly the same. Third riding maroon Malaysia vigorous tall, is one of five ride yesterday. I like all three ride though, the number is the same number of horses. Suntech convinced five people already took away the trail, went to the front. See them act confidential, Min ask when a defense to have. Gone for a while, Francis Chin'Day plastic house with a gilded Buddha Tathagata, there are three high Zhang Xu, under the seat base, five feet wide can be four, then two together quickly, to move away the big Buddha.Under the seat base does have a big hole, Yuan said: '! We hide out' said: 'can not go hide also supports long!'Yu Shi Yuan exclaimed: 'Do not, then, quickly hid go!'And they were all taken refuge in the cave, the Shushi per person Fen with god, in turn picked statues, cover the top, and then loudly told: 'South brother, Yu Zhong, you hold statues anyway, do not let it fall down pressure to the inside, so I informed the come out! 'Yun Shan soldiers inside shouted: 'What do you want, do not you afraid of light?'Yu Shi Yuan is sweaty, raised Liangbing copper hammer, struggling to knock the house pillars, two or three on a hit off, forty-five after roof collapse crash! People still care about him, have him look at the gap in the roof down on the Buddha, though the statues smashed, Yu Zhong Biao base as not invade the realm, although it was never about the poisoning, but also feel less comfortable trail: 'Tu in this book Sure enough poison on stakes, I'm afraid not Heding Peacock Gallbladder and under those toxic. 'dare to try the moment, torn piece of clothes, wrap the book. Lisheng Nan said: 'I now have to take a detoxification  Scriptures, they're just Meng Shentong that half of the martial arts secrets.' Jin Shiyi eye glance, see Simon Makino stasis black faces, distributed to them bleed, Sizhuang very miserable, I think He is also regarded as a martial arts master, not without feeling, sighed: 'Capitalising died of drug toxicity, this book I see you not worth mentioning.' Lisheng Nan said: 'Kyu well-known Baoji, how do? I already know that he painted in the book is what the poison, poison solution in the future since I would go on the book. Haha, with this Scriptures 'that if he did take part  secrets, we teamed up, the world is there Who can be the enemy? 'At this moment Jin Shiyi, heart suddenly from an idea, almost trying to tear the book, the whole Lisheng Nan reveal exciting look, could not bear to make her sad, had to pay for her book, and sighed: 'both the things in your house, let you take  go, hopefully it easy hello. 'Lisheng Nan said:' Simon, you put poison Makino who are found out. 'Jin Shiyi one, found a dozen scrimp pill, I do not know who is a poison, and those are the antidote glanced at, smiled and said:.' This is really vicious, dying will come to the hand. And who does not have this antidote. Fortunately, my mouth contains Pitt panacea, or we need to take him to the Xianyan Wang. World Heritage,Could you give me a thorn needles then Tianshu, Que, Shen House, owned by possession, Yang Bai, Philippines, mystery seven acupuncture points, seven stab at acupuncture points that can be sustained within seven days, the toxicity is not to attack . 'Jin Shiyi and her live a few years, now she learned art of acupuncture, the moment the law is applied for, and use their true power, to