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down, they really consume too much power, inevitably suffer. Chan Meng Shentong secret this side of the Master came out, Lin Feng smiled and said:. 'I find my head to the' wait for the challenges he named, stature flash, immediately to the field of heart, fast agility, the indescribable! Lin Feng is the world famous predecessors Woman, a play they reveal this hand from the wonderful dodge, factions disciples, lift your spirits. Master Chan dense palms Dangxiong. Shi a ceremony, said: 'Thanks to the Woman allowed to teach, how to Kozo Truly a test, please see the show Woman..' Lin Feng thought for a moment, smiled and said: 'Thank you warm, let me out of the question, but I do not want to take advantage of you, just like you do best track picking skills to master than the right, you are Buddhists, used to sit futon, I would ask you meditation effort, 'everyone is surprised:.'. How can meditation compared with the martial arts to compete 'I saw Feng Lin Yi meal, pointing to two trees, said:'?. zazen nearly as good effort on the futon, we flew into a tree, the first to fall, as soon as regards transport forcing the other fall, you can either cast with what means. 'Everyone listened, knew by the name of Lin Feng is a test of meditation, in fact, Que Shibi superior martial trial, does not prohibit the other attacks. But see two trees, a number of feet away, a lot of powerful force Pikong Zhang hit so far, unless it is with a hidden weapon, but the people they know, like Master and Feng Lin's secret internal organs have been to the first class realm, never use hidden weapon. Master secret faint praise, said: 'Woman wing, dare nonadherence, please!' Feng Lin also welcome, little toes, and immediately flew to the east of that tree, and she intends to show off skills, picking up a cross sticking out, only ordinary candle-like thickness of the branches fall, she sat cross-legged in a tree, the branches just gently shake a bit, then still, as if attached to the branchesIs a person just like a dragonfly, this and other precious blood flow into the sea. Soon there are numerous small silver fish along the distant smell of blood draw, after that in the bloodstream called roll, automatically gathered into a beacon arrow pattern, swim to the front. Du wind indifference and said: 'Your blood, and D, as is the whole species.' Kindred to draw blood for a living humans and various animals, protracted, full of blood also mixed genes of various organisms, some of the high quality of kinship, blood concentrated essence of almost all biological genes, 'E' appears It is one of them. Even the fish in the sea, but also because by the blood gene summoned to help them specify the direction of arrival of the land. Du wind glanced Liu fat, fat bar on Liu ten fingers full of carrot-like pinhole, screams and said:. 'Well, well, soon stitched Miss Yang Ling, leaving a little skin, Do you want me to give you sew strips leather skirt, just worthy of your beautifulMust rely on his hands while climbing!Kangsi Han Although action slowed down, there is help Tianchi Venerable, a tie, if necessary, it would not cause too much behind, the most bitter is yuan!He toting Liangbing sledgehammer, a light a weight, add up to two thousand kilos more than his weight almost two times, although he can afford sufficient strength, but ice climbing hand corner may not be able to bear is maintained, Sometimes you must insert that sticks with his dagger Bingbi leveraging to go aboard, this way, the slowest touches him!Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Palace on Duron you must go this way?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Duron Palace otherwise smooth up, but want to bypass this mountain, longer time-consuming, and we went to this, it is best to surprise, so I chose this dangerous road, I only consider beforehand to Kangsi Han's tired, have our help that will be no problem, I did not expect Yu brother who's a burden! ' Yuan smiled and said: '! No problem, I got support.'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'In the brave brother, I believe Dengfeng is no problem, then I'm afraid Dengfeng, can curse foul language coming out of this. Kenshi another beast rushing the tree of life, just passing day willow feet Kyi, Liu Ji-day kick, even the huge beast played moan planted a somersault, Yoo Ji-day catch some feet, the huge beast tens large body was kicked out of thin willow days Kyi tens far. In beast landing a moment, everything around the magical scene is suddenly gone. Surrounded by tens of thousands over the monster beast appeared in the sky fantasy face, had just tens cylinder barrel salvo yet dispersed the smoke is impressively constructed phantom, soaring open hole only linger with a book on military strategy . Once upon a time it touches indeed exist, just hold its three strands intertwined Huangji Xian Qi, force each other to contain live, did not penetrate into the body upon a time. Only one hole soaring art of war, just to see the strange sight, mostly Bing gushing from this illusion. Falsehoods, with actual situation is, indeed, difficult to judge as people. Soaring entrance channel discontent in the spread:. 'The little princess you contaminated the earth to hostility.' Yoo Ji-day cover your Yingkou laughed: 'sorry for the soldiers of God, if future generations know God always march upright soldier, also line this intrigue, certainly will rewrite the history books.'Heart hate teeth, the other is to wait for Valkyrie shot struck illusion. Code can then be exchanged upon a break with the world, and will openly come to own the world, if not zero, Yang Hyun is the true face lights up the other side, all on the ground when the soldiers of God. Hole in the soldiers of God sigh loudly and said:. 'Little Princess, do not stop Once upon a time come to earth, you are also unable to stop.' Yoo Ji-day scold: 'At least I now know that a soaring power base can not make public Once upon God come to earth.' In this expansion and contraction rate to calculate the next few hundreds, Once upon a time it will explode sprayed vast land, air and sea throughout the planet, will be pollution Once upon